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I have had so much fun with my primary company, Numis Network. Not only do they provide phenomenal leadership, excellent tools and an amazing product, but this group of people REALLY likes to have fun!

Just yesterday we got back from a free vacation we won through Numis Network. It was a 5 day, 6 night cruise to Mexico on Royal Caribbean’s Jewel of the Seas!  We had 150 Numis Network reps that won this vacation so we packed the boat!

In order to rehash to you just how amazing these vacations are and “spread the dream,” here is a video me and my husband, Ray Higdon, made while on the cruise…

Numis Network Cruise Incentive Trip:



As you can see we had an absolute blast and can’t wait for the next one! You can also see that I’m not very good and climbing up rope attached to a floating slide in the middle of the ocean ;).

We show you videos like this because we want you to recognize how amazing  your lifestyle can be with a little effort and consistency. One of our major goals for 2012 is to fill a ship with Numis Network reps on the next cruise/vacation incentive. In order to do that our teams will need to get into serious action for the new year.

How to Get on the Next Numis Network Vacation:

Here are some helpful hints to get into serious action for the new year.

1. Listen to your Numis Network Success System CD’s

I know you’ve heard listen to audio CD’s, work on yourself, read books, etc a million times. The reason all of the leaders hammer it home is because it works! Don’t be fooled, most gurus and leaders in the network marketing industry got there from having a mentor and pushing themselves to work each and every day on themselves to become a true leader.

We sometimes see the top producers and think, “I could never be them.” This is absolutely NOT true! leaders with Numis Network, or with any other company, always started out at the same place, and a lot of times they started at the same place you are right now.

These CD’s are amazing and help you become the person you’d love to recruit. If you’re not on the Numis Network Success Club autoship ($8.95 per month), you are not serious about your business and should change that RIGHT now.

2. Set Goals for Yourself and do Income Producing Activities:

Time can get away from us if we don’t manage it properly. Make sure you set goals for yourself, not just for the future, but one day at a time! If you want to make 5 calls today, make a time frame in  your day that you have to get it done. Same thing with blogging, emails, prospecting, presentations, etc. Daily goals help you reach the monthly/yearly goals you’ve set for 2012.


Many of my blog posts end with this step. Whether you’re prospecting for Numis Network or you have a personal goal (maybe fitness) for the new year, consistency will win every time!

A lot of people ask me, “Jess, how do I get leads?” Leads is the least of your problems if this is your question. There are 6 billion people in the world and thousands of ways to access them today. If you’re just consistent with ONE of those ways, you will build a huge business.

Follow these steps so we can party with you and live the lifestyle on the next Numis Network cruise, 2012!

To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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