Numis Network Pay Raise! How to Leverage it Properly…

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I just have to say that I really studied the new additions to the Numis Network comp plan, and I am SO excited because there are so many new things that have taken effect.

If you’re still not clear on the new updates to the compensation plan, DON’T WORRY! Neither am I ;), but here’s a video by Ray to help you out: Numis Network Comp Plan

Today I wanted to talk with you guys about how to properly leverage the compensation plan, so that you can explain it in terms of:

#1. How is the numis network comp plan different from other MLM’s?

#2. How important it is that Numis network had the leaders in place to give us all a raise!

The Following Video Details Why the Upgrade to the Numis Network Compensation Plan is So Important for Prospects to Understand…

If you got NOTHING else from that video, understand that the integrity and experience of the founders is the key point with the upgrade in this compensation plan.

Yes, the money in the upgraded Numis Network comp plan is fantastic! But the #1 principle of this upgrade is NOT the money….

It’s the founders! Some prospects might be hesitant when it comes to a start-up company. Maybe they don’t know the history of the founders and how much experience they’ve had? That’s why it’s very important to help people understand the difference between most start up companies, and Numis Network.

Most start ups take money away from the reps because they’re inexperienced and can’t financially handle the growth. (Then the company goes out of business and the reps are left with a bad reputation and no money to show for it). As a Numis Network leader, I will tell you that a  great way to leverage this comp plan upgrade is to tell people that it is UNHEARD OF for a company to give all of the reps a raise after 18 months. I know personally, that would have closed me right then and there ;).

The vision of the founders and the leaders in this company is phenomenal, so at every chance you get you should be leveraging that to get prospects into the business. I truly believe that 2011 is going to be our momentum year, and HUGE for the reps of Numis Network! We WILL hit critical mass this year, which means even more money in our pockets. Every Numis Network leader out there will be using this to leverage their sign ups.

If you let people in on the vision, and tell them it’s much better to be looking down at millions of reps than up, this company will make a whole lotta sense to them.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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