Numis Network Points Challenge – How to Win the Cruise!

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As most of you know, a TON of Numis Network reps are participating in the points challenge (located in the backoffice under documents). The goal is to get 10 points per day, and if you stick to this method you are ultimately doing the exact daily routine you should be to build your business into a huge downline.

From this points challenge already, I’ve had several Numis Network reps sign up people after not producing for a long time. This is by far one of the best things Numis could have ever done for us. I will not tell you what the points list includes, since you can see it under documents in the backoffice, but I will give you a hint of what is NOT included:

1. Making a plan

2. Thinking about making a plan

3. Thinking about calling people

4. Writing a blog

5. Writing an article

If you didn’t get the hint, most of the points on the list are income producing activities like TALKING TO PEOPLE! :), If you want to take the points challenge and aren’t already, email me at [email protected] and I’d be happy to include you in our challenge.

Numis Network Cruise Contest

With the cruise contest you need a certain number of “points,” which include recruiting and selling accelerator kits, to qualify. After talking with a few reps that have already qualified for the cruise contest and for the silver eagle bonus, I wanted to share some strategies that I think will help big time with getting everyone in Numis Network a grand suite on that boat!

Tips to Get a Grand Suite the Numis Network Cruise:

1. Go to local restaurant owners and ask if they’d be open to a partnership where you bring in 15-20 people for lunch each week for meetings. Of course he/she will say yes! Then tell them you’re looking for a mutually beneficial relationship and ask if they’re open to taking a look at your business, then send them the video and follow up, follow up, follow up! Don’t forget to bring a coin when you go, it’s always great to have it as a visual for the owner to see.

This is a great tactic not only for bringing a new numis network rep into your business that happens to own a restaurant, but it will also keep you accountable to doing meetings each week.

2. Go back to your warm market!  Before you think to yourself (Oh god Jess please don’t say that), read this next part on how to approach them properly…

A great way to approach your warm market about Numis Network:

I learned this tactic last week from my good friend Lisa White who is taking the challenge with me on my team. She mentioned that she had a prospect that she hadn’t talked with in years, and the way she got him to watch the video was to say this:

“Hey (name), I was wondering if you could help me out? I’m participating in a challenge and part of it is getting people I know to take a look at a video, would you be open to that to help me out and let me know what you think?”

Pretty brilliant I thought! She has gotten multiple people to watch the video that way and is very close to some serious sign ups! Way to go Lisa!

3. Propsect on Facebook. Tomorrow night at 7 PM Eastern time, Numis Network has their monthly meeting where they are doing a presentation and then training right afterward in Tampa. It will be on ustream so I highly suggest jumping on if you are not in the near Tampa area. I will be doing a training on how I signed 50 people from facebook, that I did not know, for free!

Here are some basic ways to hit the Grand suite on the Numis Network cruise this January. If you are consistent with these tactics and don’t stray from your points, you will be amazed at the results you get!


To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti Bartkowski


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P.S – If your upline does not have a step-by-step blueprint for success, check this out (Unless you already have too many leads) – click here for instant access!

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