Numis Network Vs. Bullion

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Numis Network is a graded gold and silver coin company in the network marketing industry. Numis Network is the first  company ever to combine the 100 billion dollar industry of collectible coins with the 114 billion dollar industry of network marketing.

One of the biggest questions our team gets when talking to people that are familiar with gold and silver is “why buy numismatic coins (a.k.a graded and certified gold and silver collectible coins) instead of bullion?”

The truth is that the difference is very significant and depending on your goals, one or the other is a better fit for you.

Numis Network Vs. Bullion, Our Coins –

Numis network carries MS 70 silver and gold modern issue coins. This basically means that the coins are perfect and flawless, and have never been touched by human hands. The best way to describe them is like diamonds: if you have a diamond that’s all beat up, it’s not worth nearly as much as a diamond in perfect condition. It’s the same with coins.

For example, a bullion, 1987 silver eagle loose (not encapsulated in a case for its condition) coin would go for about $35, give or take. Regardless of the year this coin is only worth the market price of silver plus a couple of bucks above spot. BUT if you have that same coin graded MS 70 (perfect and flawless), because of the rarity and condition it’s worth anywhere from $2000 to $7000! Some websites sell this coin for over $7000!

Numis Network Sold this Same Coin to its members for $500!

How can they do that? Because of Numis Network’s exclusive partners within the collectible coin industry they are able to get great prices and offer Numis members a discounted price.

Now that you have a little background on the coins, Here are the major differences between Numis Network specifically, and buying bullion.

Buying Bullion:

The major reasons people buy bullion are to hedge against the dollar and create a capital gain. Here are the pros and cons:


1. Capital Gain

2. Easily liquidated

3. Hedge against the dollar


1. No tax advantages

2. Tracked by the government

3. Highly volatile

 Being a Member of Numis Network:


1. Tax advantages of a home business

2. Ability to make an income while collecting

3. Ability to get the coins for free

4. 5 year buy back guarantee – (numis has a guarantee that after 5 years they will buy your coin back for the price you PAID, for any reason what so ever if you need them to)

5. Long term gain


1. Slightly harder to liquidate

2. More long term than short term

3. Need to make sure you buy from a good source (a.k.a top graders and retail companies)

Who Should Be a Member of Numis Vs. Buy Bullion?

Numis Network is for people that want to make extra money, get tax advantages and want the low overhead of an asset every month to run their business, while bullion is more for people that already have a large income coming in, and just want to hedge against the dollar.

We actually take the money we make from Numis Network and buy bullion as a hedge against the dollar, so we have assets from Numis that we get for free, and then a direct investment with bullion as well.

Bullion in fact is NOT Numis Network’s competition as we are not an investment company. Juices, Pills, Lotions, Makeup, Travel and Services network marketing companies are our competition. There are 4,995 companies all competing in those areas I just mentioned, while with Numis and the collectible coin industry, we are the only network marketing company legitimately doing assets.

I hope that this has cleared up some questions you had about Bullion vs. Numismatics with numis network. If you want to learn more about Numis, go here:

More Info on Numis Network

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