Numis Network; Will 2011 Be The Year For Success or Regret?

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday filled with great presents and tons of family fun! This Christmas was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I truly believe that it’s because I have such a wonderful, supportive family and we are not struggling like we were a couple of years ago.

A couple of years ago, we were struggling just to buy a small present on Christmas, today, I have recently been on 7 vacations through my primary company and have become a top earner. The power of MLM is unbelievable, no matter what network marketing opportunity you choose.

It is no secret to you all that I am involved with a gold and silver mlm called Numis Network, I chose it forΒ  a number of reasons, but let’s look at Why 2011 WILL be the year for MLM, and specifically Numis Network.

Numis Network, 2011, Year for Explosion & Success/Regret!

In any business, whether it’s a health and wellness, gold and silver mlm or not network marketing at all, it is all about timing. You can be in the best business in the world, but if it’s not at the right time, it can be a huge detriment to you!


Take a look at Microsoft, for example. Microsoft present day is not the business opportunity it was 20-30 years ago. When Bill Gates first came to his friends to partner up with him on his great software idea, a lot of them laughed in his face and told him he was absolutely crazy.

Look at him today! I’m guessing those friends who said no are kicking themselves in the head right now! (I’m sure their spouses are too) haha. This is a perfect example of timing and seeing the vision.

So How does this relate to Numis Network?

Numis is a little over a year old. At the very beginning of a company is where a lot of the millionaires are made. You absolutely CAN make money if you are the millionth rep of that company, but it’s much much harder and most likely, the idea is saturated by now.

At this time, Numis has about 14,000 reps in the entire company, for those of you that don’t know that is at the very beginning stages. Numis Network is entering its second year in 2011, which means big money for the reps and the founders, here’s why:

1. Numis Network is a category creator (gold and silver graded assets) and is extremely unique in the marketplace.

2. Numis Network is at the explosion mark (between 15,000-20,000 reps)

3. Numis has been extremely fast paced over the holidays (normally a slow time for growth) which means that 2011 will have rapid growth and explosion.

4. The economy and media has helped Numis more than ever in 2010, so in 2011 people will decide to take control of their futures and make their new years resolutions to start a business.

5. More than ever, people are looking for a plan B because plan A is no longer secure.

If you’re looking to get into starting a network marketing opportunity, you should know that this industry is the greatest in the world, IF YOU’RE IN AT THE RIGHT TIME! Numis also happens to have a product that’s never been done before, is all over the media and is red hot.

This blog is NOT About Numis…

This blog is not to harp on you how great Numis Network is, it’s to instill in you the importance of timing in business and ensure that you have an amazing 2011 full of success NOT regret!

Although Numis Network is a wonderful example and is my primary company (obviously), too many people are stuck in ignorance and refuse to be open minded about things. It’s only AFTER a company goes big or makes millions of dollars that they sit back and say “Well, If I were at the top I would’ve been happy, but now it’s too late.”

More than ever, people are looking for a new way of life. 2010 has been a wake up call and people are slowly becoming more grounded. In 2011, Americans will be looking for a second option to control their own lives and make sure they never experience the monumental losses of the recession again!

Wouldn’t 2011 Be a Perfect Time To Offer Them a Solution?

Don’t be the one sitting around next Christmas saying to yourself, “I shoulda’ coulda’ woulda’!” Be open to opportunities that come your way and seize the moment, there might not be another one for a long time ;).

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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