Numis University 3 Update! For Numis Network Members That Weren’t There…

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This was by far the best Numis university yet, and if you’re a Numis Network member and did not attend, I highly recommend doing so. There’s no way that I can possibly give you a complete overview of everything I learned there, you just have to had been there. As I’ve said before, If you’re serious about your Numis Network business, there’s absolutely no reason to miss Numis University other than death in the family. I know that sounds harsh, but if you’re not seeing results then it might be because you’re not taking the steps you need to to fully capitalize on your business.

When someone opens a McDonalds, the first thing they do is go to McDonalds University to learn about how to run the business. Numis University is naturally the next step to taking full control of your financial future and really making your business exponentially grow. I can’t stress this enough! If you’re reading this and thinking “well I don’t need to go because of…..excuse…excuse…excuse,” you should seriously question your desire.

OK, now that I’ve beaten you up a little bit ;), here’s the best recap I can do to help you from where you stand today….

Section 1: Numis Network Founder Jake Kevorkian on “Realities Before Success…”

This is possibly the NUMBER ONE thing you should get out of Numis University. This was an outstanding topic on Jake’s story about his struggles throughout his life to make it in MLM, and how network marketing eventually changed his life.

Here are some topics he covered:

1. People look at the leaders and get frustrated: When some look at the Numis Network leaders on stage they get frustrated because they only see them as successful and think “I can’t do what he/she does!”

What Jake explained this weekend is that there is a whole story behind where they are today. Many of the leaders explained the frustrations and headaches they went through to make it and ultimately become very successful. It is NOT easy to do network marketing, but it’s simple.

It takes consistency day in and day out, every single day to become successful. That was an overbearing message this weekend. Here is the plan Jake outlined that will make you successful no matter what, IF YOU DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Numis Network Plan of Action:

1. Show the Numis Network presentation to 2 people per day (either Ray’s, mine, Dave Woods, corporate’s, etc.) depending on who they would relate to the most.

2. Connect/Build a relationship with 5 people per day (If you’re full time you can do more)

And that’s it! If you do that consistently (say less to more people) that is about 700 people a year you show the presentation to! That means if only 5% say YES (which with Numis it’s a much higher percentage usually) that’s 35 people a year just personally enrolled!

Now imagine if all 35 did the same exact plan (duplication, duplication, duplication)! Now your business is getting exciting.

Last thing he mentioned, which is very important!!!! —> The #1 reason people aren’t successful in network marketing, is simply that they let their fear get in the way and they aren’t willing to do what it takes day in and day out, REGARDLESS of how they feel!

Numis Network 5 Star – Burke Hedges

Burke is an amazing speaker. Not only that he’s sold over 4 million copies of his book and is incredible at giving the stepping stones to improve your business.

Some topics he covered:

1. People fear the change they have to make to be successful in networking, specifically Numis Network:

A lot of people think they fear specific things like calling prospects, making a list, bugging their friends, etc. What they really fear is the change they have to make in themselves to be able to overcome that fear. I thought this was so amazingly said.

2. Lesson to Live By:

1. Some Will

2. Some Won’t

3. So What

4. Someone’s Waiting

Burke called those the four SW’s. In other words, if someone says no, big deal! Move on to the next person and you can come back to them later. No always means “not yet” until specified otherwise :).

3. “If you want what others have, you must be willing to do what they’ve done, and you’ll get what they’ve gotten.”

Write down a list of your top 5 passions in life! After you’ve developed that list, determine your WHY. Your why is so important because it’s what keeps you going in this business. When you figure out why you’re doing Numis Network, deeper than material things and money, you will never quit and ultimately make a whole boat load of money.

Numis Network Founder, Chris Kent, Talked about the NEW COMPENSATION PLAN!

This is really, really, really really really exciting!! ;), There are updates in your backoffice so I won’t go into details on this blog, but if you haven’t taken a look at the new updated and improved compensation plan, definitely do so as almost 80% of people got either a rank advancement or pay raise! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Numis Network 6 Star Ray Higdon:

Ray was amazing (as usual) and talked about how to approach people on facebook and sign them up. He has a training on the Numis Network training page for facebook. He gave some fantastic tips and training.

He also talked about how to be “unmessable” when talking with your prospects. The biggest take away I got from his speech was how to take the power back from your prospect when they question your knowledge and confidence.

ALWAYS be confident, and know that most prospects are just testing you. The questions they ask will always fall into a certain number of categories, Ray will be uploading videos on this and posting them on his training page. Great stuff, highly recommend you check it out!

Jake Kevorkian on Inviting and Presenting:

All of the information he talked about is in the backoffice under “downloads,” in the star builder training manual. There are a ton of scripts back there that you guys can use when inviting people to check out a presentation.

Always ask for the sale or “assume” the sale. A great tactic script to use is this,

“Based on what you’ve seen and heard, is there any reason at all to not get started working with me?”

3 Things That Duplicate:

1. Events

2. Tools

3. Systems

These are the systems/tools that you should be implementing when enrolling others, because they can follow the simple process and leverage your time and effort. Network marketing is not about recruiting the world, it’s about getting your team to rank advance so that you can create that residual income that lasts forever.

Numis Network has events every week that you can plug people into. They also have recorded webinar presentations available 24/7 and leaders available 24/7 (If you don’t have an upline leader call me and I’ll help you) that can answer questions FOR you! There is a simple, duplicatable system in place for you. If you use it you’ll definitely make money and so will your team.

Numis Network 5 Star Dave Wood Training:

The number one thing I LOVED about Dave’s training (as if you couldn’t guess lol) was some closing techniques to sponsor a lot of people fast.

Here are a couple of key points that David made:

1. If you’re struggling to sponsor, it’s NOT Numis, it’s YOU! You have to change your tactics/mindset.

2. Great script to use when you ask for referrals:

“Hey how’s it goin? I was referred to you by (name). I’m expanding a company in your area and I was wondering if you are open to some income other than what you’re doing?”


  • What’d you like best about what you saw and heard?
  • Expansion question —> Tell me more about that
  • So do you want to make a little or a lot?
  • Do you want to make that now or take forever?
  • How do you want your name spelled on your checks?

There were so many great speakers and a ton of additional information that I didn’t mention here. I just wanted to give you guys a great idea of what we learned and how important it is to actually be at the event. If you have any questions about what you just read, feel free to email me or send me a message on facebook! 🙂

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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