Numis University II Update! If you are in Numis you MUST read this!

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This past weekend I went to the second Numis University ever!! It was so unbelievable, and I can’t possibly put into words everything that I learned, but I’m going to try and give you all an overview. This information will blow up your business. I highly recommend attending Numis University, the following story will tell you why:

The Story of Judy:

Judy Flasterstein, one of my favorite females in Numis Network ;), had gone 1 entire YEAR in Numis and only signed one associate. This basically means she hadn’t received commissions in Numis for one full year.

She kept going to the trainings, the webinars, the events, and she NEVER missed anything important that had to do with Numis. She kept her faith and attended everything she possibly could, even though she hadn’t sponsored any executives yet and hadn’t received a commission.

When Numis announced Numis University, Judy was so excited and decided to get her tickets right away. After attending Numis University, Judy signed 7 people in 6 weeks!

This is the power of Numis University! Judy had not signed a SINGLE EXECUTIVE IN ONE YEAR, and after Numis University she signed 7 People in 6 weeks! All she did was follow the system of Numis U, worked hard and kept it simple.

You all have heard me mention that no matter where you are, if you treat this business like a million dollar business, not a “hobby” you WILL succeed. Judy did everything she could to make it happen because she knew this would be a million dollar business for her, If you guys don’t go to Numis University you’re doing yourselves a HUGE disservice.

Overview Of Daily Plan:

No matter what network marketing opportunity your in, you should always hold yourself accountable and have a daily action plan. Any work from home business ideas can be great ideas, but if you don’t put them into action you wont’ build a massive organization.

If you follow this plan, you will build a huge team over time: 


1. Connect with 1 person a day (just build a relationship)

2. Get 2 people a day to watch the presentation (that means 2 people say YES I am interested send me info)


1. Connect with 2 people per day (relationship)

2. Get 5 people a day to see the presentation

Whether this is on facebook or in person, doing this every single day and making it a point to stick with it is absolutely key!

Three Way Calls:

So after you get them to watch a presentation, schedule a follow up call and GET YOUR UPLINE ON THE PHONE FOR QUESTIONS. A ton of you try to do it all yourself, the reason I know this is because I was one of them ;). I would always try to close people myself to show my “strength” but this is not about strength it’s about duplication. The more simple you make it the higher percent of a sign up, and it does NOT take away your credibility, it adds to it!

Three way calls are a simple process, but to answer a few basic questions, here’s how you should position it…

1. Always edify your upline, NOT your prospect (tell your prospect you were lucky enough to get your upline on the phone, this puts the prospect in a place of respect rather than skepticism)

2. Always make sure they’ve watched the presentation

3. Don’t bombard them with your upline already on the phone, call your prospect FIRST and then get your upline on the phone

What Do You Do After They Sign Up?


After your prospect joins, which may or may not happen (dont’ get stressed if it doesn’t ;)), there’s a proper process to walking them through how to do the business.

Faith and belief in the business is SO important, so one of the first things you should do is take them to four websites:





All of these websites are retailers of graded gold and silver coins. This is possibly the most important step because it will show them that Numis is an extremely competitively priced retailer. Show them the MS 70 Silver Eagles and Gold coins from different years and compare them to Numis’s site. Numis CRUSHES them in some of these coins in price!

One problem that people are running into is they’re going to a coin dealer, asking “how much will you buy my coin for,” which is the wrong question, you should ask “how much can I BUY Them for,” but they’re asking the other question, and hearing anywhere from $30 to $60. This could cause people to lose faith in the product and the company, however this is just NOT the case! The reason I have you show them the sites above is because Numis is a RETAILER, and we sell to COLLECTORS. Coin Dealers are another retailer, so they’re looking to get your coins for the lowest price possible and sell them for around $100.

If you can get them for $35, Numis Network’s first order will be 10,000 of them! NO ONE ever can fulfill that lol. So, the most important step is to show your prospect the power of Numis and it’s competition online! As we know, Mike Mezack sells these coins for much more than we do, to the tune of around $125 million per year.

We all know that Numis Network is the best network marketing opportunity on the planet, and now they do too :).


Walk them through the star builder training guide. I won’t get into everything on the star builder, but if you yourself go through it and help them go through it, they will start duplicating.

As I mentioned there was much more that I learned from Numis University, so like Judy, I  highly recommend you attend so you get the absolute most out of yourself and your business!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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