Our Honeymoon to Likuliku and Namale Resort in Fiji

Ray Higdon and I vanished for the past 11 days and went to two different tropical paradises, Namale Resort and Likuliku resort, in Fiji. As most of you know we just got married and it was our honeymoon, we had an absolute blast! Below is a video of our stay at the two resorts and some pictures.

This vacation was not only relaxing and fun, but we also learned a lot about our industry and it really made us appreciate what we do. Throughout the entire 11 days, we did absolutely nothing but enjoy each other, do fun activities and lay out in the sun.

The Power of Network Marketing Even in Namale & Likuliku

Although we did absolutely no work for 11 days, our teams kept growing and I was able to hit 5 star. We’ve created some great leaders that carried on our team even though we weren’t around to do so. That’s what network marketing is all about! This is why we participate in this industry and are able to have so much fun and meet all the great people that we meet.

I say this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the power of network marketing and the power of a little hard work and discipline. I could have quit this business a year ago when I had been at it for 6 months and nothing came of it. I could have quit when I was making $100 per week and was frustrated because no one was working. I could have quit when everyone said I would never make any money and that I should just stop trying. But guess what?? I didn’t because I knew I had a higher purpose and that if I stuck around and kept grinding, it HAD to work.

Did you know that people don’t fail in network marketing? They quit. Hopefully you’ll watch the video below about Namale Resort and Likuliku and it will drive you to want to live this life, and be the best that you can be. Ray and I always share things with you to give you hope so you know what’s possible. It’s never to show you what WE have, but to show you what you COULD have if you just follow what we’ve done with our network marketing business.
I am extremely grateful to my husband Ray for showing me this industry and it’s power and for always supporting me and being there not matter what, to my team because they truly are amazing people, and to everyone who supports the network marketing industry as a whole.

My message here with this blog (that I finally got to writing after getting through all of the wedding plans), is that if we can live this dream so can anyone. I’ve seen every single type of person with every single type of background make it in this industry, you just have to want it so badly it hurts and make the most out of the journey to freedom.

Our Honeymoon Trip to Namale & Likuliku Lagoon Resorts Part 1!


Our Honeymoon Trip to Namale & Likuliku Lagoon Resorts Part 2!

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