The Quickest Way to Rank Advance in Numis Network

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Although there are many ways to climb the ranks with Numis Network, after many trials and testings I’ve found a way that I think makes the most sense for the average network marketer and also gets you there much faster. Numis Network has the biggest event they’ve ever done coming up in about a week (August 5-6), the Annual Convention, and there are definitely some incentives to hit 4 star before attending.

This is NOT to say that if you don’t hit 4 star don’t go to the convention by the way! If you’re not a 4 star that’s all the more reason for you to go since it will help you to get there! But if you are currently a 4 star you get special privileges at convention like special seating and an exclusive beach party with the founders at their beach condo. I’ve been there and it’s awesome! You definitely want to do whatever you can if you’re close to reach that 4 star level, hence this article today.

If you’re not close to 4 star, I’m going to give you some ways to reach it so that you can be sure you are a 4 star by the next event Numis Network puts on!

How to Rank Advance Quickly in Numis Network:

There is a simple science to building a foundation team. I challenge each and every one of you reading this post to go out there and do what I’m about to suggest this coming week BEFORE convention! If you do it after it will definitely still work, but if you do it before you can leverage the convention to bring people in.

#1: You enroll in Numis Network

#2: You Schedule a MEETING! –> Some of you are cringing, it’s not that bad…

#3: You call your warm market and cold market to get some people on board while leveraging the meeting you’ve scheduled. Now you have multiple people, not just yourself promoting your meeting AND some of your new reps have a shot at getting some people on board as well :).

#4: You enroll your new reps from your meeting and follow up after the meeting and promote the ACCELERATOR kit!

#5: Your new reps repeat the same process! AND get them to events! –> Side note: If you don’t go to important events don’t expect your team to. Events are the single most important thing you can do for yourself and for your team. Every 6 and 7 figure earner will tell you, Don’t miss them!!

So at this point I’m sure a lot of you are biting your nails and thinking, “I can’t do a meeting I don’t even know what the presentation looks like! On top of that I don’t have any friends that will come over?!” STOP self sabotaging yourself! If you understand that you can’t expect your reps to do what you wont do, then you understand that you will have ZERO duplication if you keep letting your mind chatter hold you back. I bring back the same question, “would you sign up with you?”

There is a full script and PBR (private business reception) guide in the backoffice under downloads that will teach you exactly how to conduct a meeting. The trick with this though is to try and get some people signed up with Numis Network before your actual meeting, that way you have more people promoting it and will have more guests to build a larger team more quickly.

Here’s the best part about having a meeting for Numis Network:

You don’t even have to present yourself! If you have an upline leader around you they can present for you, OR you can just play the 24/7 recordings we have online and have one of your upline leaders call in afterwords to say hello to your guests! If you can press a “play” button you can have a meeting, no excuses.

If someone doesn’t show up, congratulations! It’s happened to all of us trust me. The point here is to go through the motions so you’re out of your comfort zone and starting to do the steps to build a large Numis Network team. If you do this I think you’ll be very surprised at the outcome. I urge all of you to schedule a meeting this week and invite at least 100 people to attend.


Click here to learn more about Numis Network

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti Bartkowski


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Men Vs. Women in Network Marketing Companies

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One thing that I’ve noticed after coaching hundreds of network marketers, is that in all network marketing companies men believe it’s harder to approach women, and women believe it’s harder to approach men. If you find it difficult to approach someone of the opposite sex this is definitely the article for you.

Maybe you’re just curious about the differences between men and women when prospecting, and either way knowing how to approach the opposite sex is key since men and women think completely differently!

Approaching Men for Network Marketing Companies:

Both men and women have different personalities so this is not always the case, but in general if you understand the way they think you will do much better in your prospecting. There are always exceptions to these personality traits and it also depends on the different network marketing companies that you’re a part of. If you’re in Arbonne you might not want to target men, at the same time if you’re in a Men’s shaving cream MLM maybe women aren’t your best prospects. But, if you have a company that has a mixture of men and women distributors, you’ll want to know how to approach each sex.

Men in Network Marketing Companies Usually Have These Characteristics:

1. Aggresive

2. Motivated by Money and/or Financial Freedom

3. Ego Driven (this can be a good or bad thing, but most of the time having a little ego is a great characteristic to have in your business so look at this positively)

4. Confident

5. Love a challenge

Men in network marketing companies usually love to be challenged by their fellow distributors and need some type of aggressive personality to push them in the right direction. This is true for when you’re first prospecting them, or if they are a rep already in your business that needs some coaching.

As women, we tend to love talking and long conversation, most men (not all) want concise direction and for things to be to the point. Unfortunately, a lot of times women have to prove themselves as business professionals when prospecting men they don’t know, so making sure you sound confident and letting them know “you mean business” is key.

We allย  have different personalities and some of us might not have an aggressive one, that’s OK. You can sound confident and challenge a man without needing to be aggressive. Asking a lot of questions and really qualifying is a great tactic to use here. If you know what you want and aren’t afraid to qualify for it, you are much more likely to sign up a man.

Men are great assets in your business. They dominate the high income bracket population in network marketing companies and are wonderful presenters. The part they will need help with is learning to be coachable and not reinventing the wheel.

Approaching Women in Network Marketing Companies:

Women have personalities all across the board as do men, but these general characteristics and approaches should work for basic prospecting. Sometimes even women have to prove to OTHER WOMEN that they “mean business” and so much of the approach is similar. Because men have been the dominant worker for a long time in our society, sometimes we have to go the extra mile as women to prove our professionalism.

Did you know that women make up most of the population in network marketing companies? Yet somehow men dominate the high income earner bracket. Why is this? Well I don’t have all the answers, but I believe one big issue with women is confidence. I know that confidence was my biggest issue starting out in my business that I had to overcome. I truly believe that if women would work on self image and confidence problems each and every day, we would DOMINATE the network marketing industry times ten!

Women in Network Marketing Companies Usually Have These Characteristics:

1. Extremely helpful/Great trainers

2. Finacial Freedom and “Fun” Driven (love the idea of staying home with family and love trip incentives).

3. Social — love to network so why not network for profit?

4. Learn quickly and easily

5. Non-aggressive

Women are great networkers and also great trainers. They truly care about their team and want to help each and every person get to their goals. Men do as well for sure, but women take on their team as a personal challenge. They take everything they do in their business personally and to the heart.

A great way to approach a woman is with confidence and “authority” so that she feels she has a guide she can turn to, but also transferring that confidence to her without being aggressive. In other words, (this will work with all network marketing companies), let her know that she has a strong motivator and coach, and transfer that strong confidence into her mind so that she feels she can do this with your help and training.

Women are the best networkers as I mentioned before and therefore a huge asset to have on your team. The part they will need help with is usually confidence and support.

I as a woman, absolutely love working with other women in my business. They are fun, easy to coach and will follow direction to a tee to produce great results. When women step into a leadership role I am so ecstatic because they are absolutely awesome leaders. Men are also fantastic to work with. When they find a way that works for them, they run with it and truly step into a leadership role. When men know what they want they go after it and make things happen. Both sexes are extremely important in their different roles. If you want to approach both men and women follow these suggestions and you’ll be a master!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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You Might Not Have What it Takes to Build a Huge Network Marketing Business

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After a bunch of calls today I wanted to really hammer home some ideas about your network marketing business that I dont think people understand. I want to let it all out with this post. I really feel as if people, especially in our industry, have false expectations and therefore are struggling to make things work.

I want all of the hype, beach ball throwing and false expectations to be abolished once and for all, so today, I’m telling you like it is. No hype, no sugar coating, just the raw truth!

You must read this post to the very end or else you will not get the entirety of this blog post today. If you promise you’ll read all of this, you can move on further…

The Network Marketing Business Is NOT Easy!

But it’s simple. It is simple steps that get you to the higher levels in companies and simple steps that make you six and seven figures. It’s not easy, but it’s simple! Yet still many people refuse to do the simple steps. Here is a guaranteed plan to get you to the next level, that most people won’t follow:

Network Marketing Business Steps to Success:

1. Enroll

2. Commit

3. Host a “Grand Opening” Meeting at your house, OR contact your warm market –> just do it, it’s not that difficult if you say the right things and don’t burn anyone out.

4. Make your list

5. Make a new warm market (online, offline) and contact 5-10 new people per day

6. show 2-3 business presentations minimum per day.

7. Get your people to repeat these steps, and get your people to events.

That is a guaranteed Success formula, however most people won’t do it out of fear and “hard work.”

We are taught as employees to be told what to do and never take the initiative. If we take the initiative in corporate America we might get in trouble. In the network marketing business, you MUST take the initiative and be your own business owner or you won’t get very far. Ask yourself, are you the type of person that YOU would join? If not, it probably means you’re lacking these things:

1. Confidence

2. Self Starter

3. Hard worker

4. Consistency

Etc. These are the qualities of top leaders in the field.

The Beginning Sucks!

When you first start a network marketing business, it’s highly likely that you will be grossly underpaid and overworked. That is the serious truth. For the amount of hours you put in, you will NOT make what you deserve. It’s not very hard to make your money back and then some to put into profit, but you will not be at 6 figures in a few months, and whoever tells you that is lying.

Because most network marketers don’t tell you this, many come into the business with false expectations, lose belief and then quit.

People DON’T fail in a network marketing business, they QUIT!

Read that again, and again, and again. You will not be rich in your first few months. You will probably get frustrated and want to quit at least once a month in your first year, but if you do stick with it and are serious…..

That’s when the magic happens!

Here is the timeline it will take you to make a ton of money in network marketing from a 7 figure earner in the industry:

YEAR 1 –> You will be highly overworked, underpaid and feel frustrated. (not to say you won’t make a profit, you probably will, but it most likely will not be what you thought unless you get lucky).

YEAR 2 –> Things start to get better, and you start to make a decent income and not have to work as hard.

YEAR 3 –> You feel guilty! You feel guilty because you are making so much money for so little work it’s ridiculous! You are rolling in the dough, and can step back and feel accomplished from this amazing residual income empire that you’ve built.
There is no shortcut to the shortcut. What I mean by that is a network marketing business IS the shortcut! It’s easy for people to quit because it’s so low risk and they haven’t invested their true soul into the business.

What other industry can you own your own business for a few hundred dollars, and within 3 years be making a ton of residual income with little to no overhead? What other industry can you step back for a while, travel wherever you’d like and still have checks coming in off of other people’s efforts? What other industry do you meet the amazing people, and get the amazing training and leadership that you get with a network marketing business?

Robert Kiyosaki says that EVERYONE should join a network marketing company, not just for the income but also for the experience. Network marketing teaches you what it really means to be an entrepreneur and own your own business.

We have to step out of our conditioned employee mentality and start taking on the responsibility of being an entrepreneur. Only then will you succeed.

My Message:

My message today is this….

If I can do it, so can you, you just have to believe in yourself and use the skills you were taught. Stay consistent and keep moving forward. The only way you will fail in this business is if you quit.

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote about a man called “Jimmy the Butcher.” Jimmy was a butcher for 40 years of his life and wanted out. He was older, broke, and had virtually no time to build a business but he wanted more.

He joined a network marketing business and decided to go full force. He failed for years and years and years, but he believed in this industry so much that he kept going. Even at his Bankruptcy hearing, he handed the judge a corporate presentation CD from his company and told him to listen to it! That’s how much he believed in this business!

Jimmy did what it took day in and day out to make it work regardless of past failure. After years of struggle, Jimmy is 82 years old, the top income earner in his company and making over $400,000 per month! That’s more per month then he made in his entire career as a butcher!

Would you struggle for a few years to make $400,000 per month? I think you’d struggle for 20 years if you could make that type of money! That is what’s possible with this business, but please make sure you understand what it really takes.

Do the simple steps day in and day out with NO excuses! You don’t want to live your life in regret. My goal is to help 5 people reach $1,000,000 in the next 6 years, and I truly believe I can do it. If you understand what I’ve shared today and have the desire, you can definitely get there.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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Are You Self Sabotaging Your Network Marketing Business?

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The other day I posted on facebook about how I had an extremely interesting experience with my network marketing business. Today I’d like to share that with you in hopes that it will give you some insight on your business. Perhaps from this experience you’ll realize that you’re self sabotaging your very own network marketing business, or fully learn how to truly have the confidence and belief you need to move forward until you have unbelievable success.

The Story of the Rep that Is Self Sabotaging His Own Network Marketing Business & Playing the Blame Game:

I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience quite as extreme as this one, so I absolutely had to share it because underneath the insanity lies an important message. Here it goes:

I had a prospect that called me and said “I want to join your team. I like what I see with you and what you’ve put together, and I really would love to be mentored by you and learn from you.” So naturally I said Great! What’s your billing address? ;). He then proceeded to tell me that he’d rather sign up through the website, and he didn’t trust me to take his information. I told him that I was more than happy to let him do that, but typically I take every new representatives information so I can make sure they are placed properly where they can get the most benefit out of our network marketing business.

He insisted on signing up on the website because he felt like I was lying to him and was going to steal his information. Of course that was not the case, but I agreed and in order to appease him let him sign up on the website. I ALMOST said that I don’t want him in my business, not because of his hesitancy to give me his information, but just because of the attitude he had, but unfortunately I didn’t trust my gut and let him sign up.

The next day I get a 2 page email about how he had some questions and some “suggestions” on how I can improve my technique. I am never closed minded to help/suggestions so I listened and responded with my feedback. I mentioned in my response email how if he ever had a lot of questions he could always call. He called right after I sent that message and we talked for about 10 minutes. He expressed his concerns about how he didn’t know if anyone would be available for 3 way calls since he was calling 20 prospects later that day. I said he has 3 options and most likely all of us would be available later that afternoon so not to worry.

I didn’t get any 3 way calls that day from him, but did receive another 2 page email on his plans for building the network marketing business. I skimmed through it that day but was busy with a lot of meetings so decided to answer it later when I was home and had some down time. By this time, he had been a rep for 2 days and we had alreadyย  had 3 instances of communication.

THE VERY NEXT DAY, this new rep sends me ANOTHER 2 page email, only this time it was about how he didn’t think I was there to support him since I didn’t answer his email, and how he was going to make $200,000 in the next two months but I missed out on that opportunity, and how he’s found something else that he can go to that has nothing to do with me or my team! This was because in a day’s time, I didn’t respond to an email (keep in mind I get hundreds of emails a day). Here are some snippets from the email that he sent to both Ray and myself together….

So let me point out a few things before moving onto some other snippets. This guy is clearly self sabotaging his network marketing business everywhere he goes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I took the next day to respond to his email, it has to do with his own personal issues and confidence with moving forward. There is not one person on my team that will say Ray and I don’t give great support. He is blaming us for his non success and using that as an excuse for non success.

Another interesting thing he says is that he will “go make $200k” in the next 2-4 months in a different company and then come back to Numis. I don’t know who gave him those expectations, but it is virtually impossible to make that kind of money within 4 months, especially if you have this kind of attitude. Network marketing is a marathon not a sprint, so unless you plan on sticking with it for the next 12-36 months to hit your goal, you have false expectations. You can’t “try” it for a couple of months to see if it works, that will only ensure failure. People don’t fail in their network marketing business, they quit.

Again, more blame and self sabotage. He then goes on to say that we’re not at “10 figures a month yet” so we have a lot to learn and starts criticizing the way we do things. The email goes on for about another page bashing us and our morals,ย  Then he writes this at the very end….


This rep not only was throwing punches at me, he was also generalizing everything with Ray and decided to blame him as well. This is a very sad situation because you can tell that he wants to do well, but just can’t get past his hang ups.

The #1 Moral of this Story:

ALWAYS qualify your leads BEFORE you bring them into your network marketing business!

This rep wasted so much of my time and in the end sent me an email like this one. While this is an extreme case, make sure you are always qualifying your leads so you never let this happen to you.

I am more than happy to share this experience with all of you because I know what type of leadership and support we offer. I know that we do the best we can to make sure each and every rep on our team gets off to a great start and have the confidence that if someone joins our team they will feel like they made the right decision.

You are going to get people like this that blame their internal hang ups on you, don’t let it get to you! If you have the confidence in your team and yourself to move forward you will build a huge network marketing business and help tons of people change their lives.

This was a selfish man trying to make everything in this industry about himself. It’s not about him and it’s not about us, it’s bigger than that and always remember to never let sweat the small stuff.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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How to Find the Best Prospects for Numis Network

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Over the past couple of months, my income with Numis Network has sky rocketed due to a few key things that changed with my business center. With this post today I wanted to share with you what some of those were and let you in on the best kept secret when it comes to prospecting for Numis Network.

The Best Prospects for Numis Network:

Before going into what the perfect prospects are, I want to tell a story to instill inย  your minds why I am telling you to go in a certain direction.

Perfect Numis Network Prospect Story:

One day I was prospecting like I normally do and ran into a prospect in California (I won’t mention names). He had inquired about Numis Network and wanted to know how it worked, so I sent him the video as usual and scheduled a follow up call. When I first talked with him, he definitely wasn’t ready to sign up and needed more information. He was more analytical than most because of his financial planning profession. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact they make great business associates because the more analytical someone is, usually the longer they stay with you.

That week Ray and I were leaving for a 7 day Numis Network cruise and I wasn’t able to call him back until the following week, but I had asked my good friend and upline, Chris Paraldi, to follow up with him for me to make sure I didn’t miss out on him wanting to sign up. While I was on the cruise, this prospect signed up after talking with Chris.

Side Note on prospecting for numis network: When you have someone more analytical, ALWAYS allow them to do their research. If these people are pushed, they will become skeptical and feel uncomfortable.

So this guy joins and I’m super excited. A couple weeks go by and I see no activity from him. I wasn’t upset and didn’t let it get to me, I just kept prospecting and adding to my team. About a month and a half after this guy signed up, I saw that he became a 3 star in one week!

From then he added 12 more people to his team, all of which are financial planners. Here’s the awesome part about this story, ALL of those reps that this guy added are great at not only recruiting, but coin sales! His team alone has sold over $250,000 in coins, retail, in the past month.

His team has put my PLV4 at over 90,000 and has doubled my binary checks. Awesome stuff!

The Secret Weapon:

I tell you that story so you understand why I think financial planners are a secret weapon in Numis Network prospecting. All that their team is doing is targeting financial planners, and teaching them how to bring up numismatic coins to their clients. They get new reps and coin sales from this method every single week.

These are one of the best prospects you can have. In my opinion, I would make it a point to go out and target financial planners in your daily prospecting, especially if you know any out in Sacramento, CA so they can tap into this guy’s meetings.

This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of with what Numis offers. What other company has people buying hundreds of thousands of dollars in their autoship? If you don’t take advantage of the retailing and selling of coins, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. More than ever people are buying gold and silver so now is the time to capitalize.

I definitely don’t recommend focusing solely on retail sales as it can take away from your recruiting. building a huge residual business through recruiting is extremely important and if you’re smart you can get reps that both recruit and retail.

To Your Success!

Want to learn more about Numis Network? Click HERE

Jessica Perretti


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5 Best Blog Sites to Learn Network Marketing

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I have a few ofย  my favorite blogs that I consider the best blog sites for network marketing. I read them almost every day, and I wanted to share with you guys where I learn a lot of my content from and also give them a shout out.I definitely would not have become the top female recruiter in my primary company if it weren’t for these guys.

A lot of my team comes to me and asks how I think of good content to write all of the time, and my response is I just learn something from my experiences or someone else, and re-post it for the world to see. Content writing isn’t hard, it’s just a matter of taking what you learn and sharing it with your audience. There are a few sites that do a really great job of providing solid content for network marketers, and the great part about it is that the authors are great producers so it’s from experience.

Keep in mind, I didn’t put ALL of the blogs that I follow on here, that would take up the whole page! But I did want to include the ones I think are the best blog sites to re create content from and learn from.

What you will learn from the best blog sites listed below:

1. How to write great blog posts

2. What to do when prospecting

3. How to develop leadership mindset

4. Everything you’ll ever want to know about the network marketing profession

5 Best Blog Sites to Learn Network Marketing:

Best Blog Sites: Rob Fore’s site

Rob is an excellent leader in the industry. His accomplishments are astounding. He currently manages a team of over 10,000 people, is 1 out of 5 of the top producers inside MLSP (My Lead System Pro), and has toured with Tony Robbins all over the world.

I consider him to have one of the best blog sites in the industry because he truly cares about the content he puts out, and about his team in general. Rob does a great job of combining online and offline marketing to create an amazing following.

Visit Rob Fore’s Blog

Best Blog Sites: Ray Higdon’s Site

Of course, I have to talk about Ray Higdon’s website ;). Obviously he is my fiance, and I will always promote what he does, but I really believe that his website is one of the best out there. I see first hand how much time and effort he devotes to putting great content out there for you guys. Let me just tell you that it’s a LOT! He loves what he does and wants you guys to feel the same way, so he always posts great new tips and tools that you can use for your business.

I read his posts all of the time and always get something new out of them. Even though we are constantly working together and learning the same things, Ray always puts a different spin on things and looks at things differently, making his content awesome!

Visit Ray Higdon’s Blog

Best Blog Sites: David Wood

How can we NOT mention David Wood? He is absolutely awesome and posts amazing tips on his blog. His blog by far is one of the best blog sites out there. He is a master recruiter and an extremely intelligent guy. One of the best things about his blog is the interviews he has with top producers. He brings in guys that have made millions of dollars in network marketing and interviews them for the good of his team. Definitely check out the one with Mark Yarnell, who made $30 million in network marketing. He gives you a step by step approach on how to achieve $100,000 per month in mlm.

Dave’s blog is jam packed with videos, posts, and free goodies on how to get to 6 figures in your business.

Visit Dave Wood’s Blog

Best Blog Sites: Diane Hochman’s Site

Diane is an unbelievable online marketer. She blends online and offline for the perfect network marketing combination. She takes care of her viewers, always providing great content.

I had the privilege of meeting Diane at the women’s Real Savvy Success event in Orlando. She was a speaker there and we had lunch together. I really got a chance to pick her brain. This woman is smart and knows her stuff. If you follow what she puts out there you will be a success, no doubt about it. You will also not have any lack of content for your blog.

Visit Diane Hochman’s Blog

Best Blog Sites: Eric Worre’s Site

Eric Worre is a top leader in the network marketing industry. I consider his site as one of the best blog sites in the mlm industry. His posts are unbelievable and have helped me many times figure out blogs to write. I’ve used many of his techniques in prospecting and they work!

He not only gives you regular prospecting techniques, he also gives you the proper daily habits to develop leadership skills. He talks to network marketers, but more specifically, network marketing leaders. All I can say is you have to check it out for yourself to see how much knowledge and experience this man has acquired over the years.

Visit Eric Worre’s Site


To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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P.S – If your upline does not have a step-by-step blueprint for success, check this out (Unless you already have too many leads) – click here for instant access!

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How to Rise To the Top of Numis Network in 3 Simple Steps

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Recently I found out that I am the top female recruiter of Numis Network and I am ecstatic! One of the founders told me the news, and it made me really reflect on what I’ve done and how accomplished I felt. It’s an amazing feeling to reach your goals, so I wanted to educate you on a simple strategy to get you to the top of your company and continue to rise the ranks.


3 Simple Steps To Rise to the Top of Numis Network:

Step #1: Use the Numis Network Accelerator!

This a pretty obvious one, but if you haven’t used the accelerator to rise the ranks FAST, then you’re missing out. This package is one of the coolest things numis network has ever put together, and it’s a great deal for your new reps!

If you didn’t know, the accelerator package is 9 back issue coins at a great discounted price, that are available the first 30 days that a rep enrolls. Here are the benefits of adding it to their order:

1. You can rank advance 10x faster, and so can your new rep!

2. The coins are at an extreme discount, at prices that are really hard to find anywhere

3. Their Numis Network coin case will be half filled for better presentation for meetings

4. They’re pretty cool coins

I detail a great way to purchase the coins on one of the Monday Morning Motivation Calls I do for Numis: Click Here to Learn How to Promote the Accelerator Package!

Step #2: Don’t Manage, Recruit Recruit Recruit!

You don’t want to recruit a couple of people and then manage what they do. Of course you want to help them, but if you worry about why people aren’t sponsoring, it’s a waste of time. Recruiting is all about mindset! If you recruit people and guide them on the right path, but they still don’t do anything, it is NORMAL in the industry!

When Numis Network first started, I was constantly trying to help my new recruits. I would call them almost every day asking what I could do and kept offering trainings for their specific needs. Did some of them duplicate? Absolutely! But they would have anyways. The people that go out and do something are leaders and self starters. Again, you should LOVE helping people or you’re in the wrong business, so always help, but don’t babysit! I was babysitting and constantly motivating. If you have to call your recruits and constantly motivate them, you’re wasting your precious recruiting time.

You are looking for people that are motivated on their own and who have leader potential. Your job is to guide them in the right direction and help them get there (discussed in the next step), but NOT to babysit.

A fantastic Numis Network Leader, Dave Lovett, gave Ray and I great advice on what to do to get to $1,000,000 a year. In case you didn’t know, Dave was a huge leader in Amway and was making $700,000 to $800,000 per year. He quit Amway 22 years ago, and STILL gets a 5 figure/month check! His advice was, “When you think you should stop recruiting, sponsoring and training, keep recruiting, sponsoring and training! Dont’ stop just keep the pedal down and keep moving.”

Unfortunately a lot of leaders get to a certain income, and then coast back and stop working because they just want to manage. There is a time when you can do that, but if you’re not at your goal income, DON’T do it!

Step #3: Promote, Promote, Promote!

Once you learn something, definitely share it with your team as training. As soon as I learn something new my first thought is “Oh, I have to share this with the team because this is good stuff!”ย  But none of us actually know EVERYTHING there is to know about network marketing or more specifically, numis network. Some of the best network marketing and internet marketing trainers in the industry are in Numis network, so how do you get all of that information they possess out to your team?

You must promote events, and you must BE at events! Events are key to your success and the success of your team, plain and simple. I love what founder, Jake Kevorkian, says. He says, “Not everyone that goes to the conventions will go on to make $10,000 per month, but everyone that goes on to make $10,000 per month will have been at the conventions.” The moral of this story is go to events! They train you, pump you up and get you ready for what lies ahead!

Numis Network has a national convention coming up in August in Tampa(login to your backoffice for details). If you’re serious about making 6 figures and want to be at the top of this company, you’ll be there.


If you’re curious about Numis Network, Click HERE


To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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6 MLM Prospecting Secrets That Trigger Your Prospect to Buy

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I was recently reading an ebook on mlm prospecting by a guy who’s made over 70 million dollars in MLM, and decided to share the awesome tactics that I’ve learned. I tried these out on a couple of prospects last weekend and it absolutely works, unbelievably. I shared this tactic on my Monday Motivation Call I do every Monday morning, and my team went nuts because they loved this information so much! I knew I had to share it here as well so that everyone would have these MLM prospecting secrets to build a huge network marketing business.

Since I learned the following skills and implemented them this past weekend, here’s what’s happened:

1. I signed 2 people into my primary company

2. Both people bought the high end package

3. I have literally connected on a deeper level with all of my prospects, so they feel like they know me, like me and trust me!

6 MLM Prospecting Triggers:

MLM Prospecting Trigger #1: Consistency

I should say consistency or lack there of. Let me explain what this means. For example, Joe really likes chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top. In fact, it’s his favorite dessert. He always orders it when he goes to restaurants like this, “I’d like some chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top please,” yet he always gets the same reply from the waitress/waitor. “You mean an ice cream sunday?” “No, I mean chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top…” … “That’s an ice cream sunday without the syrup.”

So Joe would go through this each and every time he ordered ice cream with whipped cream on top. One day he was so tired with no energy left, he didn’t feel like going through the whole ordeal so decided to just order chocolate ice cream. The waitress replied, “sure comin’ right up.” As she was walking away, Joe said, “You know what miss, could you add some whipped cream on top of that?” The waitress replied, “sure, no problem,” and everything went smoothly! She questioned his order, nothing, just got him what he asked for AND only charged him for ice cream, not even the whipped cream!

What he realized from a psychological standpoint is that when someone already commits to something, an additional “add on” isn’t that big of a deal because they’ve already committed in their mind. How you can relate this to MLM prospecting is that when someone makes a small commitment, like a sale in MLSP or joins your primary company, your “afterthought” approach could be to get them to buy another tool or package for their benefit. He explains that you always say it as an afterthought because in their mind, they’ve already made a commitment and it’s much easier to get them to buy.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #2: Product Nature

When someone is looking to join a business or buy a product, you need to understand why they need that product. Some examples would be if you’re selling burglar alarms, you need to know why someone would need those. Maybe they have a family that they need to protect, or something triggers a memory that makes them think they definitely need an alarm. Maybe they have expensive goods in the house.

Whatever the need may be, make sure during your MLM prospecting that you don’t scare them into buying, but lead them into buying by creating a need they might not know they have. Knowing the product nature in mlm prospecting is easy to get at by asking questions. Ask and you shall receive.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #3: Prospect Nature

Prospect nature is different than product nature. With prospect nature, you need to understand the emotional reasoning behind their decision to buy. We all know that people buy on emotion, not logic, so by asking the questionsย  you can get the answers.

Some examples of this may be that your prospect just had a new baby they want to take care of or they lost all their money in their 401K. Either one of those are good logical reasons for someone to buy.

***Important*** – One trick I like to do when I’m doing my mlm prospecting is ask my prospect what it would feel like to get a big check and walk across stage. Then I ask if they can picture themselves in that position and what it would take to get there. With these two questions I’m testing 2 things; Number 1, how big they can think, and Number 2, how hard they’re willing to work to get what they want. This will trigger an emotional response in them, and also let me know if they’re someone I even want to work with.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #4: Objection Raising

This is an extremely important trigger because most people do this wrong. When a prospect has an objection in their mind, what most people will do is forget about it, work around it and not even bring it up. Another mistake they’ll make is answer all of the wrong objections without even getting to the real reason why the prospect is resistant.

When dealing with objections, the best way to handle them is to bring them up FIRST, then create a solution in your prospects mind for them. For example, if someone doesn’t have time, you might say, “I realize that you think time is an issue for you, but what if I could show you a way to work this business for a half an hour a day in order to build a residual income to give you much more time in the long run with your family.”

See what happened there? The objection was raised by YOU, not your prospect, bringing it out of their mind and then was resolved by YOU, making it irrelevant from then on in the conversation. Pretty cool huh? The moral here is to always bring up the objection if you feel it’s an issue in your prospects mind.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #5: Involvement and Ownership

This is a basic trigger that everyone should follow. When you’re doing MLM prospecting, you want to make sure your prospect feels involved in your presentation. In order to solidify this, use the product or objects that they can feel and touch to make everything you’re saying that much more real to them.

If you’re selling makeup, do a demonstration. If you’re selling juice, give them a taste. If you’re selling coins, hand them some bullion so they can feel the weight and clanking of real money in their hands. Whatever the case may be, this tactic works with everything.

MLM Prospecting Trigger #6: Integrity

Most of us use common sense and realize that integrity when doing mlm prospecting is extremely important. However, sometimes our prospects ask us questions that might question our integrity and make us want to lie like “How much money are YOU making?”

Don’t lie! Your prospect can hear in your voice when you don’t have integrity. A way to fix these stupid, insignificant questions in order to never get them again is to have a certain posture in your voice at all times. When you’re prospecting, answering and asking questions, make sure you sound confident and sure of yourself/your business. If you have the right attitude, no one will even think to bring up the “how much money are you making” question or any other scary ones!



To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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MLM Lead Generation, How to Rise to the Top of Your MLM Company

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I’ve talked about this a lot before because I believe that MLM lead generation is the biggest thing network marketers struggle with. Not only is getting leads extremely important, but also how to work those leads, close them, and make them duplicate so you eventually rise to the top of your mlm company.

MLM Lead Generation 101:

Here are a few tips to use when trying to get more leads. Most network marketers complicate mlm lead generation when it’s actually very simple. They usually blame their non-success on money, time, lack of training, etc. If you follow these simple steps, you can generate leads online and offline no problem.

1. Always Expand Your Warm Market –>

Your #1 goal, whether you’re trying to get online or offline leads is to expand your warm market on a daily basis. What does this mean? This means getting a phone number so you can have a great conversation and FOLLOW up.

Expanding your warm market is the ultimate form of mlm lead generation. If you don’t already have a warm market that’s no excuse because you have the ability through facebook, MLSP, meetup groups, and your daily activities to meet people every single day.

2. Be Consistent With Your Chosen Form of MLM Lead Generation:

Here are a few different ways to get leads (so never use the excuse that you can’t get any leads):

Meetup groups, facebook, linkedin, daily activities, attraction marketing through My Lead System Pro or MLSP, business cards, networking events, social events, ppc, advertisements, bandit signs, co-ops, lead generation systems.

I’m sure there are many more but those are just a few to start off with. If you choose one or a couple of those to focus on, then be consistent and work on it little by little each and every day. It’s the little things done every day that compound into huge results.

3. Create 1 Piece of Content Every Single Day:

This is really for online marketers only. You can generate content for a meetup group offline, but online this is what really works. You do NOT have to do online marketing to be successful, it’s just one tool to add to your daily routine.

This has been talked about a lot. If you create at least one piece of content every day you can’t help but start dominating MLM lead generation. A piece of content is a blog, article, video, etc.

How to Rise to the Top of Your MLM Company:

So once you have the leads what do you do with them? This is really where rising to the top comes into play. You can’t become a legend in your mlm company without closing your leads and showing them how to duplicate, so here’s a simple formula that comes after mlm lead generation to rise to the top….

After MLM Lead Generation – Steps to Go to the Top of Your MLM Company:

1. Follow up, follow up, follow up — (tip — use urgency of events and training to make people sign up faster)

2. Study great closing techniques on how to quickly and efficiently get them in the business

3. Develop a system to put people through after you enroll them — (we have a video series of training for members that each new rep goes through to cut out some of the time spent on the same questions over and over. Afterwords we schedule a coaching call and make sure they have the right direction to take.)

4. Although Cliche, Always have your new rep make a list of people they can approach with the business or have a home meeting right away. Some companies (like my primary) dont’ require home meetings necessarily although they’re always a great idea. This is the fastest, best way to build a foundation team right away for them.


To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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P.S – If your upline does not have a step-by-step blueprint for success, check this out (Unless you already have too many leads) – click here for instant access!

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4 Mistakes To Avoid When Using Facebook For Business

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When people want to use Facebook for business, it’s usually because it’s an unlimited lead source and you build relationships with your clients/prospects. Relationships are what build businesses for the long term, so not only can you get sales on facebook, but you also keep those sales and get referrals if people feel like they trust you.

Social media is a fast moving trend that is quickly taking over advertising, internet marketing and basic social interaction. If you want to get into internet marketing for your business, it is absolutely imperative that you understand social media, especially facebook.

Side Note: Twitter marketing is also becoming extremely popular for getting leads and developing followers.

The average person logs onto facebook every single day and spends at least an hour on it. This means that there is amazing opportunity to use facebook for business! Why? Because people are going to keep seeing your face, your ad, and your message over and over and maybe for long periods of time, IF you do it right! If you do it right you will build an empire for yourself and build a ton of great relationships along the way. If you do it wrong, your reputation could be at stake, which is why I wrote this blog today on the 4 mistakes to avoid when it comes to using facebook for business.

I’ve made a lot of money with facebook and have also gotten over 50 sales for my primary company through it. During the process I’ve learned a lot about what to do, and what NOT to do.

4 Mistakes To Avoid Using Facebook For Business:

Facebook for Business Mistake #1: Copy & Pasting Personal Messages

I get about 10 messages a day that sound something like this, “looking for some other like minded people to network with, great to connect.” All of those messages sound the same! Your goal when using facebook for business is to never make people think you don’t care about them. One of the most annoying things to another person is getting those messages that are impersonal and don’t build true relationships.

If you really want people to start following you, friend 5-10 people per day and send them a PERSONAL message that pertains to their profile/picture/info or whatever, that can give you a good foundation for conversation. Yes this would take time, but at least you are not so impersonal that no one wants to be your friend anyways. In order to use facebook for business properly, you have to learn people skills. People skills includes getting people to like you/trust you.

Facebook For Business Mistake #2: Posting on Other People’s Walls

I don’t mean posting a “hey thanks for the friend request,” or “it’s great to meet you” kind of post, I mean a “click my link to join my business” kind of post. Never, ever under any circumstances post a link to your business/fan page or anything unless you know that these people won’t mind.

People absolutely HATE that. If you don’t believe me and do it anyway (spam everyone’s facebook wall with your link) they will delete it anyways. Eventually people will unfriend you and badmouth you to all of their other friends, ruining your fb reputation. You want to be extremely professional when it comes to using facebook for business. Social media is a place to get to know other people, not to spam your business.

Facebook For Business Mistake #3: Arguing On Walls

This one is pretty simple but I have to put it in here because a lot of people still do it and it drives people insane! Whenย  you are using facebook for business, think of your role model and ask yourself, would they do this?

Would someone who has the right posture, is making plenty of money and is super busy start arguing with a post they dont’ agree with on someone’s wall? NO, because it makes them look bad. It also makes you look like you have too much time on your hands. If someone posts something, whether political or about business or just personal that you don’t like, leave it alone and focus on your own stuff.

Once you start arguing in public, it makes you and your business look unprofessional. I see this a lot with competing MLM companies. Someone will post something negative and all of a sudden the claws come out! Before you know it there’s hundreds of comments of people arguing about why their company is better than yours. STUPID!

If you want to use facebook for business in a SUCCESSFUL way, DON’T do this!

Facebook For Business Mistake #4: Asking People to Join Your Fan Page

I think this is a really important one because I get this hammered to me every single day when I’m on facebook. Asking the question again, would your role model (or the person you’re trying to model your success after) ask someone to join their fan page? Absolutely not!

It’s one thing if you know the people and they are your actual friends, but if you don’t really have a good relationship, please don’t ask them to “like” your fan page! Your fan page is a place where you can develop a professional relationship, but also sell things. If you want to sell to people you need to give them a reason to buy. No one is going to buy if you don’t have the right posture in the first place.

Overall just use common sense, and don’t do anything that you know could potentially ruin a relationship. To Learn more about how to automate your social media for more sales in less time, watch this free Social Media Automation Webinar.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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