How to Attract Your Perfect Prospect Through Smart Goal Setting

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There’s a million and one ways to write goals and we’ve all heard each and every one of them a thousand times, but are you really practicing smart goal setting to attract the best prospect ever?

A big difference between regular, old “goal setting” and smart goal setting is asking the right questions! Ask and you shall receive as they say…

So why aren’t we asking the right questions? Why is it that so many people just “wing it” when they join a network marketing company, as opposed to taking the time to figure out what they REALLY want out of a business or a prospect. I strongly believe it’s because we don’t teach our downline the proper methods to practice smart goal setting.

Smart Goal Setting for the Perfect Prospect –

Here are the questions you should ask yourself on your goal sheet, and be as specific as possible!

Smart Goal Setting Question #1: What Occupation do I Enjoy Serving?

This was a formula I learned at the Noah St. John event. It was so amazingly powerful. When someone gets into a new business, they very rarely take the time to really ask themselves this question. Be as detailed as possible when you answer this. Notice it says “occupation” so this means what your prospect does for a living. Examples would be: network marketers, chiropractors, students, doctors, financial planners, lawyers, salon owners, etc.

This is the most important question when it comes to smart goal setting because it will determine who you attract into your business. When you figure this out, you target all of your marketing to this person.

For example, my ideal prospect is a smart professional in network marketing who is looking for some answers to their questions. I want my hub of information to be targeted at people who already like/enjoy network marketing and just want to learn some more cool stuff. Be extremely specific with your perfect prospect.

Smart Goal Setting Question #2: Why Do I Enjoy Serving Them?

Smart Goal Setting Question #3: What is Their Pain?

This question is awesome because it will help you market to your target. What pains do your perfect prospect experience on a daily basis? For example, are they feeling helpless and stuck in their life? Is your prospect scared to death that their job will be taken away from them or they don’t spend enough time with their kids?

Again, be extremely specific. The more detailed you get with these questions the easier your marketing will be.

Question #4: How Can I Help Solve It?

Question #5: What Media Can I Deliver that Solution In?

There are many different types of media: blogging, videos, emails, face to face, meetings, events, etc. Choose one that works best for you and your prospect and then set the goal of how many times a week you want to execute your plan.

Question #6: What Goal Do I Want These Prospects to Lead Me to and When?

Write all of these question down right NOW and spend some time really digging deep into answering them. This is smart goal setting from a marketing perspective and also helps you put your goals into action right away. Again, the more specific you get with these questions the easier it will be to market to your target audience.


To Your Success!

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