Should You Buy MLM Leads?

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If you’re trying to build a network marketing company and haven’t had much luck, the question of whether to buy or not buy mlm leads comes up frequently. I get asked this at least once a day from the team. The answer varies depending on your goals and on what you’ve been doing for the past few months or years with your company already.

Should you buy MLM leads and when?

Keep in mind that every situation when it comes to leads has exceptions. Some network marketers like to and are good at calling leads or cold calling, while others prefer different methods. This post is simply from my experience and what I’ve seen work with my organization.

Here’s what I tell people if they ask me about whether or not they should buy mlm leads. I let them know there are a pros and cons to buying leads.

Buying MLM leads Pros:

1. Great Practice

Buying leads is great phone practice, but I don’t recommend buying if you have absolutely NO phone skills. Let’s say you’re just starting out and haven’t talked to anyone about your business. Even if you’ve studied all kinds of prospecting courses and phone skills products, if you haven’t actually made any calls, chances are you’re not great on the phone (unless you’ve had experience in previous businesses). Why would you waste your money buying leads if you can’t close them?

I recommend studying a course on closing and then putting it into action right away. Make a few cold calls first, then when you feel comfortable go ahead and buy some leads . You will have to go through lots and lots of numbers before you get a sign up, but if you had to go through 1000 calls to get 10 leaders that built your mlm business into a million dollars, would you? Once you call 100 leads or so that you’ve bought you will be immune to any objections prospects give you and can re approach your warm market.

2. If you buy MLM leads it’s easily measurable and duplicates:

Obviously when you buy mlm leads there is nothing technical involved. It is extremely simple and anyone can do it for an extremely low price. However, you need to make sure you are measuring properly, and luckily this is easy to do.

Let’s say you have $300 per month to spend on leads. Let’s say $300 gets you 100 quality leads and if you get a sign up you make $100 off the bat. If you are paying for 100 leads a month and are getting 3 sign ups every 100 leads, you are breaking even and can continue to purchase. If you are not breaking even or making a profit, you need to re evaluate your lead source and your technique.

IMPORTANT FACT: Lead source and technique are extremely important when it comes to purchasing mlm leads. You can learn technique from great study courses and there are a few good lead sources out there. 

Cons if you buy MLM Leads:

1. Money

Obviously when  you buy mlm leads you are putting in money each and every month. As I mentioned before, you really need to make sure you  have the correct lead source or you are completely throwing your money out the window. Make sure when you spend money that you are tracking as mentioned above and you know how much you’re making on average per lead.

Another down side to spending money on leads is that your team will want to duplicate whatever you do. Be sure that if you are going to publicize this method to your downline that you have a good place to send them and you are ok with people wanting to buy leads before approaching their warm market. People will practically do anything to avoid approaching their warm market so you have to make sure you’re the leader that tells  them the fastest way to make a profit.

2. Frustration:

If you’re going to call leads your commitment level needs to be at an all time high. Buying leads and building your business this way is for hustlers and not for network marketers just “dipping their toes in the water.” There have been many successful networkers that have built downlines of HUNDREDS of thousands of people from calling leads, but they called at least 50 per day guaranteed. You will have to go through the numbers to get to a sign up, let alone a leader that takes their success into their own hands.

Overall I think calling leads can be a great way to build your business, however it’s not for everyone. If this is your main method of operation, 40 to 50 calls a day should be the goal and you should have a clear, simple system in place to send them through. There are many free ways to build a business that have worked for mlmers, just choose a method that works well for you and make sure from there you have a duplicable system everyone can follow.






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