Shut Up and Listen!

One of the biggest things people are struggling with in mlm is how to duplicate and get their team going. The truth is people have all different kinds of excuses that point the finger of blame at you and how YOU’RE not supporting them and YOU don’t tell them the right things, when really the fault lies within them. My tip to you all is to use what you know and create a system that is DUPLICATABLE.

Network marketers tend to talk A LOT! This is WRONG! If I’m Mary and I’m a prospect in your business, telling me about how your product has 20 different ingredients that help with joint pain and then listing them is going to scare me into thinking that I HAVE to do that to do your business! YIKES! My recommendation to you is to get with your upline leader and do three way calls! This is duplicatable and works PERFECTLY! If you’re upline answers the questions and you don’t say ANYTHING, what does your prospect think they have to do? The exact same thing! There’s NOTHING more duplicatable than getting someone else to answer hard questions and not saying much yourself. I am about to give you my offline system that works all the time with my warm market, ready?? Here it is:

1. Call the prospect and tell them I have a business that “may not be for them” but I value their opinion and I’d like them to tell me what they think.

2. Send them to a video link and tell them I can’t talk now because I’ve got a bunch more calls to make, but watch the video and I’ll call you back tonight at 8 PM (or whenever is convenient for you. ALWAYS act busy!)

3. Call them back and when  they start asking questions, I get someone else on the phone!! I say, “hey you know that’s a great question, let me get my partner (name) on the phone!”

Can I answer the questions about my business? Of course!! Is that duplicatable?? NOPE! So I don’t! So many network marketers think that this takes away from your credibility, but it doesn’t! It actually makes you MORE desirable to work with. This is a system that works perfectly and I hope you all use this in your upcoming prospect encounters!

Jessica Perretti

[email protected]

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