Struggling to get started online?

I get asked all of the time “Jess, how do I market online and brand myself as a leader??” Today I’m writing this based on the Las Vegas “No Excuses” Summit that I went to last weekend. It basically consisted of the best internet marketers in the world speaking on how to get started online and create more leads for your network marketing business. The funny thing is that at least 3 of the speakers were already on my team!

Jimmy Davis talked about funnels and the Big Picture and what needs to happen to capture a lead and convert them into a sale. There are two things and internet marketer needs to master,

1. Sending Traffic
2. Converting Traffic

The way he broke down the funnel is as follows:

WEBSITE – “I only work w/10 students a week,” for example

APPLICATION – Call back and send them to homework page

HOMEWORK PAGE – Video of how awesome you are – videos/audios of company you promote (Numis

CALL BACK – call them back and “close them”

That is the typical breakdown of a sales funnel if you’d like to create your own, HOWEVER this is more advanced than you need to start out with.

Johnathan Budd  broke it down on what exactly he did to get started online and was by far one of my favorite speakers:

1. PPC – take $50 to $100 and spend it on PPC to get familiar with it.
2. Go to a site like It is a great tool that actually bids on different URL’s and keywords.
3. Facebook – start a fan page
4. Banners – – a place where graphic designers bid on your banner and create designs, you pick the price and the best banner! Budd recommends calling the losers and offering to pay them $5-$10 for their banner as well, since they’ve already made it it is unlikely they will turn it down.
5. strategic SEO –

I’ll be sharing some other advanced techniques at a later date, but one last speaker I’d like to mention is Brian Finale, Founder of MLM Lead System Pro.

This is a secret tool that most of the biggest leaders in Network Marketing use.  If you’re confused by the items above (which I was too when I first started) MLSP is an awesome system that’s cheap, easy and takes you step by step through video tutorials on how to get started online. It provides you everything from written autoresponders to capture pages and sales funnels already made for you!! Had  I decided to do it over again I would have gone through MLSP first to get myself started. The link below takes you to MLM Lead System Pro and shows you exactly what you will learn with the system.

MLM Lead System Pro (MLSP) has all the videos tutorials you need from some of the top internet marketers in the world. This first post is my gift to you guys on how to exactly get started online. If you have questions PLEASE email me! I love helping people and it is NEVER a bother!

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