The #1 Takeaway I Got From Internet Marketing Event.. Where should you start??

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First of all I have to say Las Vegas was awesome!!!! We had such a blast (even though we were there for work and the Live the Dream Event) we did some great activities, that’s the cool thing about this industry!

The lifestyle this industry provides is unreal and once you get to that point of success you’ll never turn back, I know each and every one of you reading this care enough about your success to go out and make it happen! We look forward to seeing you all on the trips!

MY Lead System Pro Event & Speakers

There were so many great speakers on stage that gave such great information it’s hard to sum it up in a short blog, so I’m just going to give you the biggest takeaways that I got from ALL of them.

There were so many great speakers at the event, Jerry Clark, Tracy Walker, Mike Dillard, Cedrick Harris, David Wood, Nicole Cooper, and the list goes on and on….


That consistency will trump intensity every day of the week!

What Does This Mean??

What it means is that it’s better to do the same things for 1 hour EVERY DAY, than it is to do it for 8 hours one day and nothing for the next week….

When it comes to work from home business ideas, a lot of us have different network marketing opportunities that we want to rank for on google or generate a ton of leads for, right??

So how can you do that when there’s a ton of the best internet marketers out there already doing that and representing themselves as your competition?

The Answer is SIMPLE:


Whatever you love to do, whether it’s blogging, article marketing, videos, prospecting, WHATEVER it may be, do that once to twice a day every day and you can’t POSSIBLY NOT generate leads. If you did this it would be impossible for you not to generate a lead… WHY??


Where Do I Start??

It’s really not hard what we do, yet so many of us try to make it extremely complicated and analyze every ebook and piece of information.

One thing that one of the speakers said that I thought was GREAT, is to start by writing a piece of content every single day. You choose what content you put out there by what you love to do the most. Find a keyword that makes sense, (if you don’t understand how to do this you can go to the post I wrote about keywords) and if you love blogging, write a blog every day, if you like videos, do a video a day, if you love articles, write an article every day, do whatever you want!

If you’re unsure how to do any of this, MLSP (my lead system pro) gives some great ideas on where to post your articles and how to create a blog. For articles I highly recommend ezine articles, easy and free way to get your stuff out there, and for a blog obviously is the best to use.

Again, you can’t possibly do all of these things every single day and not get leads, IMPOSSIBLE! My Advice would be to alternate between videos and written content so that you have a mixture of things on the internet. In addition you can also prospect every day (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)!

Prospecting is still what pays us, and at the end of the day you’ve probably spent an hour or two on all of the things I just mentioned, pretty easy huh?

Start today, don’t wait “until tomorrow” or for your “creative genius” to come into effect, start right NOW! Get some content out on the internet every day, prospect every day, and I promise you you’ll build a massive business.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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