The Quickest Way to Rank Advance in Numis Network

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Although there are many ways to climb the ranks with Numis Network, after many trials and testings I’ve found a way that I think makes the most sense for the average network marketer and also gets you there much faster. Numis Network has the biggest event they’ve ever done coming up in about a week (August 5-6), the Annual Convention, and there are definitely some incentives to hit 4 star before attending.

This is NOT to say that if you don’t hit 4 star don’t go to the convention by the way! If you’re not a 4 star that’s all the more reason for you to go since it will help you to get there! But if you are currently a 4 star you get special privileges at convention like special seating and an exclusive beach party with the founders at their beach condo. I’ve been there and it’s awesome! You definitely want to do whatever you can if you’re close to reach that 4 star level, hence this article today.

If you’re not close to 4 star, I’m going to give you some ways to reach it so that you can be sure you are a 4 star by the next event Numis Network puts on!

How to Rank Advance Quickly in Numis Network:

There is a simple science to building a foundation team. I challenge each and every one of you reading this post to go out there and do what I’m about to suggest this coming week BEFORE convention! If you do it after it will definitely still work, but if you do it before you can leverage the convention to bring people in.

#1: You enroll in Numis Network

#2: You Schedule a MEETING! –> Some of you are cringing, it’s not that bad…

#3: You call your warm market and cold market to get some people on board while leveraging the meeting you’ve scheduled. Now you have multiple people, not just yourself promoting your meeting AND some of your new reps have a shot at getting some people on board as well :).

#4: You enroll your new reps from your meeting and follow up after the meeting and promote the ACCELERATOR kit!

#5: Your new reps repeat the same process! AND get them to events! –> Side note: If you don’t go to important events don’t expect your team to. Events are the single most important thing you can do for yourself and for your team. Every 6 and 7 figure earner will tell you, Don’t miss them!!

So at this point I’m sure a lot of you are biting your nails and thinking, “I can’t do a meeting I don’t even know what the presentation looks like! On top of that I don’t have any friends that will come over?!” STOP self sabotaging yourself! If you understand that you can’t expect your reps to do what you wont do, then you understand that you will have ZERO duplication if you keep letting your mind chatter hold you back. I bring back the same question, “would you sign up with you?”

There is a full script and PBR (private business reception) guide in the backoffice under downloads that will teach you exactly how to conduct a meeting. The trick with this though is to try and get some people signed up with Numis Network before your actual meeting, that way you have more people promoting it and will have more guests to build a larger team more quickly.

Here’s the best part about having a meeting for Numis Network:

You don’t even have to present yourself! If you have an upline leader around you they can present for you, OR you can just play the 24/7 recordings we have online and have one of your upline leaders call in afterwords to say hello to your guests! If you can press a “play” button you can have a meeting, no excuses.

If someone doesn’t show up, congratulations! It’s happened to all of us trust me. The point here is to go through the motions so you’re out of your comfort zone and starting to do the steps to build a large Numis Network team. If you do this I think you’ll be very surprised at the outcome. I urge all of you to schedule a meeting this week and invite at least 100 people to attend.


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