This MLM Will Buy Back Your Product In 5 Years…

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Some of you may know, and some of you may not know that last night at 8:30 PM EST, the largest announcement ever in network marketing history was announced!

Here are some things that this announcement means for the people in our industry:

1. It eliminates the #1 objection
2. No other companies in network marketing have EVER done this before
3. No other companies WILL ever do this again!
4. More money in your pocket
5. More reps in your business

The Biggest Announcement Ever Made In Network Marketing History:

Numis Network, a gold and silver mlm, just announced this last night at their Numis University IV in Las Vegas, NV:

Numis Network Guarantee: Numis Network will buy back any coins that you’ve purchased and hold onto for 5 years for 100% of what you paid for them!

What’s the Big Deal About the Numis Network Guarantee??

Here’s the big deal, Numis Network reps get asked a lot about “how much will this product sell for in 5 years (gold and silver numismatic coins)” which honesty you wouldn’t ask with ANY other MLM product, so that’s pretty cool, but for whatever reason people still wanted to know how much the coins would be worth.

The founders believe (and so do I) that precious metals will continue to increase in the next 5 years and therefore the autoship will be worth WAY MORE than you paid for it (also pretty cool in MLM). With this Numis Network guarantee there is absolutely NO RISK that your coins will plummet (although numismatics have steadily increased for 20+ years) and therefore nothing stopping any prospect from getting into the business!

Let me ask you a serious question about the Numis Network guarantee:

What other MLM do you know of that HAS ever and WILL ever buy back your products after 5 years and guarantee that you will get back 100% of what you paid for it?? Think of all of the other products in the network marketing industry, and if you have an answer or know something I don’t please let me know 😉 because my answer is NONE!

This Numis Network guarantee has eliminated all fear, doubt and questions about this company. This company is on the fast track to serious momentum this year, if you’re a part of it and take advantage you can make serious money. If you sit on the sidelines and watch it happen you’ll wish you did something about it, but either way understand that this is the biggest announcement in MLM history and will exponentially put reps into this business.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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