The #1 way to connect to your prospects…

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A lot of people think there’s some easy button that you can just press and everything gets better and your business explodes! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME??? Basically, that’s just not the way it works.

You have to work hard to grow a business!

And what’s the number one way to keep a growing business growing and retain your current team?? RELATIONSHIPS! Without having a relationship with your prospects/team no oneΒ  will care if you lead them or not and there won’t be ANY loyalty!

So how do you build relationships and connect to a prospect??

Recently I had a magazine delivered to my door and decided to take advantage of it… The magazine was “40 under 40” which illustrates 40 professionals that have done extremely well for themselves all under 40 years old!

I called each and every phone number I could find and connected with a woman that’s “claim to fame” was holding on to her clients for 10+ years at her financial planning firm!! I asked her how exactly she did this and how she got her clients…

Her answer…

She told me she got her clients by knocking door to door on 1200 houses!! That is serious determination and persistence.

So once she got the clients, how did she keep them??

She asked them “What are your goals and where do you want to be financially?” “If you could have or do anything in the world what would it be?””What do you do for fun?”

She writes EVERYTHING down and takes notes on what her clients’ ultimate desires are and what they like as hobbies. If she finds a coupon for a client’s hobby she sends it to them to show her appreciation. She said that’s the ultimate key to the relationship, LISTENING to the client’s needs and hobbies. Once she gets all of the answers to her questions, she then constantly comes back to their dreams, meaning she relates everything they do to their ultimate goals.


If a client wants to sail around the world, she will find clippings and coupons in magazines of sailing gear and send it to them. She will also relate everything financially to how it will fulfill their sailing dream.

After the client understands that she truly cares about their well -being, they are much more likely to open up to her and trust her with their money.

Get the Message:

The real message here is to think outside of the box and do things for your prospects that no one else will. Especially AFTER they join your team, you should continue to build on the relationship and figure out exactly what they need to do to reach their goals. If you follow this pattern and do it with every person, you will succeed beyond any one around you. Most people look at others like a lottery ticket, people are PEOPLE, not cash! So treat them as a human being and I promise you your business will thank you and so will your wallet ;).

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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