What Do Leaders Do?

I was recently at an event in Tampa, Fl for my primary business, and I was called to the front of the room to give a testimonial. I told my story, which is basically a nobody turning into a somebody from a series of trainings and action. I talked about how I became a leader and gave some advice on how others can too.

Immediately after I walked back to my seat, a man approached me and asked,

“how can I use the word leader if I don’t know that I am one?”

Here’s my simple answer to that, until you feel and believe that you are a leader and you are going to be successful at your business, it will NEVER work!

My biggest advice to those out there that don’t consider themselves leaders is this:    NEVER LACK CONFIDENCE, ALWAYS BELIEVE YOU ARE A LEADER UNTIL YOU ARE ONE!

Confidence is the number one skill that all leaders possess. I talk to so many people that “pass off’ their responsibilities to their upline. This is a guaranteed way to failure.

If you want your upline to call 30 leads for you, DO IT YOURSELF. First be on a three way call with them for the first few leads so you hear what they say, then take over from there.

Not one leader out there got to six figures a month by asking their prospects if they want to join their business to help them out. They all told their prospects what was needed to be successful!

Learn from the best and then BE the best.

To your success!

Jessica Perretti

[email protected]

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