What I Learned from Spending 7 Days With the Top Numis Network Leaders

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Over the last seven days, as most of you know I traveled across the country to three different areas to help out the Numis Network teams with Ray. A lot of you ALSO know that I got engaged! 🙂 :), which was a huge surprise! It’s so cool that we can travel around the world, stay at beautiful places, get engaged ;), and it’s ALL a tax write-off! This industry is so awesome, and I learned some fantastic things from the top Numis Network leaders.

One key thing to remember before I go into training is that it’s SO important to surround yourself with positive leaders in any business that you’re in. “To get what someone else has gotten, you must do what someone else has done.” By constantly surrounding ourselves with the leaders of Numis Network, we not only become better leaders ourselves but we can help our team to learn new tricks and tactics we didn’t know of before! And plus, it’s lots of fun to talk with other people in the business ;).

Tips To Build Your Numis Network Business – From the Leaders Themselves

Hawaii Numis Network Leader Bob Miura –

Hawaii is rockin! Both Hawaii and California are two great opportunity states for Numis and I learned a lot from this great group of people. Here are some key points I picked up from meeting this team:

1. Bob has collected hundreds of leads in just ONE day from people he meets around Hawaii. pretty incredible! He shows his Numis Network coins and asks them if they are open to earning extra income.

Whatever your tactic is, you should definitely be talking to people around you about your business. If we did this just 5 times a day it would make a huge impact. You’ve heard this a million times, so how come you aren’t doing it? Scared??

Well so was I, until I actually did it a few times. You know what I realized? After I asked for their information, 100% of them gave it to me, AND I was still alive!! Fantastic!

2. He is doing his own meetings!

If you want to really become successful, start doing your own meetings for your team. It’s going to make your team do meetings as well, remember, EVERYTHING DUPLICATES! So if you have bad habits or good, whichever, your team will duplicate it.

The reason Bob has such great duplication is because he is having his team members do meetings as well!

Los Angeles Leaders Amy Jo Neal & Joe S. –

These two are masters at putting on events! The room was packed and had at least 70 people there! Besides this fact, you dont need to learn about how to do events just yet if your just getting your Numis Network business off the ground, you just need to master the basics. One great idea I got from Amy was this:

Amy has decided as her 2011 New year’s resolution, to connect with all of her facebook friends, so she is calling them one by one! THAT’S commitment!

In an awesome training with Dave Wood and Mark Yarnell, (Mark in case you didn’t know has made over $30,000,000 in network marketing) Mark talks about how if you want to make $100,000 a month in networking, you NEED to talk to 30 people a day, 5 days a week!

I know what you’re thinking, “how can I possibly talk to 30 people a day?” Well, Amy has found a way! With social media and all of the resources we have today, there’s no excuse to not talk to people. If you haven’t made your list by the way of your warm market, I highly recommend you use the memory jogger in the backoffice and start makin’ it! It will definitely help you big time. For some scripts on how to approach your warm market, Go Here . Remember that no one has been pitched gold and silver like with Numis Network at a time when gold and silver is so hot!

Sacramento Leader Dave Lovett –

Congrats to Dave Lovett for winning the Numis Network success cruise! This guy is unbelievable! He left a different business 22 years ago and STILL gets paid a 5 figure a MONTH check!! Now THAT’S residual income! That’s the kind of residual money we all dream of. His Tip was as follows:

When you have a team, it’s crucial that they’re all following the same system. If they are all trying to reinvent the wheel or doing different things, they will not be successful. They might have success here and there, but when the team is on one page, it makes things flow much better and exponential growth take off.

If you already have an established team, make sure that they’re following the same system. The basic “system” is not some fancy internet marketing system that will give them 1000 leads a the press of a button! The system is back to basics and that’s as follows:

1. Make a List

2. Call the list and invite to a “grand opening”

3. Add 2-5 contacts per day and constantly expand your warm market

4. Invite to a video – Get upline on the phone for questions

5. Repeat!

That’s it! If you follow this and start doing your own meetings for your team you’ll have huge success!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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