What I learned in Atlantis From All the Top Numis Reps…

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As you all know last weekend I was in Atlantis for the free trip we won through Numis to the Bahamas!! Woo hoo it was soooo awesome! I hope all of you can make it on the next trip! These trips are so great not only because you have a lot of fun and go to beautiful places, but ALSO because of the people you’re around.

We all know one of the quickest ways to succeed in any business is to be around people who have already done it ;). This weekend I got to spend time with Burke Hedges, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Lisa and Kenneth Bristol, Erwin Mcken, Cedrick Harris and the founders of Numis Network. I learned some awesome tips and tools that I want to share, and overall got pumped up from the buzz and excitement they all had to bring to the table!

Whether you’re in Numis Network or other work from home business ideas, when it comes to all network marketing opportunities there are a few fundamentals that should be taught and that truly make people successful.

Warm Market Vs. Internet

Because of the mix of “belly to belly” leaders vs. internet guru’s, I wanted to get a take on which is more effective. Obviously with a company and product like Numis, internet translates very well. But what is going to get faster results??

Here’s what not only the offline marketers said, but also what internet marketers said that I thought was very interesting:

Online is a way for you to build confidence to then go and approach your warm market!

What they mean by this is whether you are prospecting on facebook or doing PPC ads, WHATEVER your internet tactic, it builds some confidence so you get a few sales and then allows you to back to your warm market.

Confidence and “non-salesy” pitches with your warm market is key, and internet can bridge the gap for those two things.

Every single one of them agreed that warm market is a faster way to build and that internet takes time, however network marketing is about relationships and as long as you’re creating them on both angles, you’ll build a massive team :).

Word Of Advice From The Atlantis Group:

Always think about duplication, duplication duplication! The only thing you can do to make your team duplicate more is provide a duplicatable system that the entire team can use. My recommendation (as mentioned in earlier blogs) is get them to a presentation of some sort, schedule a time to call them back and get them on the phone with your upline for questions. Pretty simple! And it definitely works :)!! Before you sign someone you should always take them through this system so they see how simple it can be for them too.

And secondly always be prospecting. The fact of the matter is the people on your team that are going to work are going to prove themselves, and the ones that aren’t ready to commit aren’t, there’s nothing you can do to change that. As long as you become a leader and provide them with support, you have done your job.

These were some great points that I learned from the Numis Network leaders on the Atlantis trip. For the next trip, (and there will be a next one soon ;)) set your goals to make it there!

Erwin and Eva, top reps in Canada, actually booked their Atlantis Trip BEFORE they won it. They booked it as soon as they heard about the contest, now THAT’S determination!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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