What I learned on Thanksgiving – guaranteed to grow your biz!

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I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! For most of you that saw my status on facebook today I had an amazing turkey dinner! There were so many people that dont’ have what we have so I just spent today reflecting on how lucky we really are to have any food what so ever. We live in a country where for the most part not having food is an unfathomable thought, and even though times are tough right now we have great charities that do all they can to give to others what we have in our lives daily and take for granted.

As you’ll hear master network marketer Ray Higdon say, there are many countries that don’t have clean water and it’s a daily struggle just to escape disease. My message here is to be thankful for whatever you have, and I know you’ve heard this before, but if you listen to my thanksgiving story I think you’ll see a different perspective on the way we all look at things:

My Thanksgiving Lesson:

Every year my family gets together on thanksgiving, (obviously) and has a huge meal! We have a huge Italian family that cooks at least 12 courses that my aunt calls the “pre-game,” before the huge entree, and we eat and laugh and drink.

I flew up this year to Milford, Pennsylvania and froze to death, (since I’m from Florida even 50 degrees is freezing) and saw a ton of family I hadn’t seen before. It was a great time, however recently someone in the family had gotten fired from his job and had been trying to find work for the past four or five months. Since I hadn’t seen him in a while I was unaware of his recent unemployment.

Being in the profession I’m in, I tried to impress upon him the flexibility and control you have with a network marketing opprotunity, but his mind was so negative that he didn’t even want to hear what I had to say. I wasn’t being pushy or salesy, just asked him if he wanted to take a look at what I’m doing to control my own future, and being that it’s gold and silver assets instead of a consumable it’s been going pretty well!

We talked for a good fifteen minutes about his story and how he can’t find work and how the economy sucks, and finally he told me what was really on his mind. He said, “Jess, I know you’re doing well, but it’ll never last, nothing ever lasts especially now! If you have something good happen something bad will always come to bite you and that’s the way  life goes!” I realized at that moment that no matter what I said, even If I had the perfect network marketing opportunity, or any other work from home business ideas, He was completely close minded, negative and burnt out from what he’d been through. I was saddened by his response, and felt badly that he couldn’t see past his past experiences. The fact that he thought good always came with bad was scary.

I started to talk to him about his statement, and mention everything he has to be thankful for. I told him no matter how bad he thought he had it, someone always had it worse! Self pity is one of the worst emotions because it not only accomplishes absolutely nothing, but can drain a person of their positive energy.

Positivity will always come out if you give it a reason to. There’s a couple of points I wanted to make today:

#1: We should always be thankful

Something you have all heard before, “be thankful for what you have” blah blah blah, but in truth not enough people practice this. Whenever I feel down or want to just give up, (we all have those feelings) I think about how many great things going in my life. I say this today because of everyone going through such tough times right now and not knowing a way out. Everyone has had their doubts about their goals and negativity in life, but if we focus on the positive there’s always a lesson learned and a great experience on the other side, no matter WHAT you’re going through.

#2: Always recruit UP!

By me approaching my family member with my business and him being totally closed to the idea is a classic example of what can happen to someone who is struggling right now. People who are going through tough times can sometimes be completely mentally and physically drained.

The point is that the wealthy, powerful and influential people are more open to opportunities than most because they understand business and have a positive attitude. Don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor, lawyer, major speaker, author, etc. The people you’re afraid to approach are the best ones to go after! This Thanksgiving did not get me down or upset, it just confirmed how lucky we are in this industry to have the openness and be surrounded by positive people constantly. Whenever you feel frustrated or want to quit, just remember that on the other side there’s greatness waiting for you and people in your business willing to help you.

We are lucky and blessed just to be a part of this industry :), hope you had an amazing holiday!

To Your Success!

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