What I Learned This Weekend That Will Change My Business Forever!

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Over the past several weeks, as a lot of you know, I’ve had a TON of stuff going on, moving, new promotion with my company, etc, etc! I’ve gotten a TON of work from home business ideas for my company that I haven’t been able to put into action yet because I’ve been so busy!

As a result, I haven’t been focused like I should have been and realized that maybe I need to get back into my self improvement. When I’m feeling unfocused and unproductive I am AWARE of it and do whatever I can at that moment to work on it and am constantly improving myself.

Last weekend I saw a gentleman named Benny Morris speak on self improvement and how to break past the barriers in our lives.

Dr. Benny Morris:

ALL of you have heard the whole “break past your beliefs” thing and probably have heard it many times. This seminar was NOT just another self-help “thing,” I originally wasn’t going to talk about this for that reason, but I decided what I learned was too valuable to share and would really improve your business ten fold!

Before I get into everything I’ve learned, I want to give you a brief history on Dr. Morris, to show you his credibility. Benny owned the FIRST Tony Robins Franchise and went on to tour with Tony across the country. In addition, he’s created a 5 step method (Valeo Method) on how to achieve your goals and dreams and his book is fantastic! He truly practices what he preaches and that is SO important when you’re listening to ANY leader!

What I Learned That Changed My Business and Life Forever:

I was sitting in the seminar room, thinking about why I still feel like I have things holding me back, yet I’m successful and really feel somehow at the same time that I give my business my all! I was confused and frustrated with myself.

Then Benny asked, “How many of you are living up to 50% of your potential,” NO ONE raised their hand, then he asked how many were living up to 10% of their potential, NO ONE raised their hand!!

This was it! I was NOT using all of my potential and I KNEW it! How crazy is that?? Most of us know that we’re not using our full potential, and still continue to do a half ass job day in and day out. We sit back and make excuses for not doing something and justify it with our EGO, then it never gets done!

What I learned at that seminar was to really push yourself to make a positive, disciplined, productive routine into a habit. There is no excuse for lack of discipline, and really no excuse for ultimate failure. Sure we might fail here and there, but that’s part of success!! However if you let that failure defeat you I HIGHLY suggest you figure out why and fix the problem within.

We’ve all been told this, but how many of us actually follow it?

So Here’s My Action Step For You TODAY:

Here’s what I want you to do every day, for the rest of your life ;)! Whenever a thought comes into your head like “oh you can’t do that,” “You’re too young, You’re too old” blah blah blah, imagine it leaving your mind, grabbing that thought, throwing it into a trash bin tied to a helium balloon and floating away into space…

Your Ego is NOT your friend! It will say anything to you to keep you from your goals, and this is why you have to make these little mental pictures and tricks to keep it from taking you over.

Finally I want to tell you that Affirmations are so important. Admittedly I had stopped writing them, but from today on I am going to write them every single day, they condition our subconscious to allow us to be successful and free from mental barriers. Let’s write them together, after all repetition and routine will turn into habit :).

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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