What You MUST Know About People: Psychology of Prospecting

I just came back this past weekend from a convention in Tampa, FL and learned a TON of great tools.

One of the best speakers and our good friend Cedrick Harris talked about the way to talk to prospects and how to relate to them and “GET ON THEIR LEVEL.” He said that every prospect talks and thinks a certain way. When you talk with them, you need to learn how to MIMIC their thought pattern on the phone and act the way they act. This way you relate to people and get inside their heads.

Eventually, you know EXACTLY how to close them! People will tell you everything if you know how to ask. There are FOUR specific types of personalities that you need to know how to mimic:


Strengths: Decisive, driven by results

Weaknesses: Impatient, blunt, insensitive, fears inactivity

Motivated by: results, money, power, challenge

Ultimate Desires: freedom, authority

This personality is highly motivated by money and results. DO NOT go on and on on the phone with this person talking about how much fun you’ve had on vacations. This person wants the facts quickly and wants to know how to make MONEY.


Strengths: Enthusiastic, motivated by fun, very emotional/passionate, outgoing and know everybody

Weaknesses: not detail oriented (messy disorganized), Impulsive, “feelings” above logic, unrealistic, very talkative

Motivated By: fun, approval of others

Ultimate Desires: Friendly relationships, helping & motivating people, enjoying life

If you get this person in your business, call them and PRAISE them. They love it and are motivated by it. Talk to them about all of the trips your business offers (if any) and how much FUN they will be ;).


Strengths: Patient, team player, compassionate, sensitive, supportive, loyal

Weaknesses: indecisive, influenced by other people, avoids confrontation, fears change

Motivated By: desires for appreciation, good relationships

Ultimate Desires: security, quality relationships, harmonious environment

This person will stick with you until you die! If they like you they are incredibly loyal. NOT motivated by money but by good relationships.

4. ICE

Strengths: very accurate, analytical, high standards, methodical, detail oriented

Weaknesses: perfectionist, overly cautious, analyze ALL decisions, too critical of self and others


Ultimate Desires: clearly defined tasks, stability, tasks requiring precision and planning.

This person needs clearly defined steps as to what to do all of the time, but rest assured if told to do something, an Ice personality WILL do it!

The ultimate goal of this article was #1, learn how to relate to people because if you can’t do that you can’t build a business and #2, understand that only ONE out of FOUR personalities is motivated by MONEY.

Money is NOT the main motivator for most people and when you recognize that, you realize how to close them into your business and make them successful.

Jessica Perretti

[email protected]

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