What’s the Big Deal About My Lead System Pro?

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Plenty of network marketers and internet marketers are thinking to themselves, “why do I keep seeing My Lead System Pro all over the place?” What’s the big deal? If you’re wondering what MLSP is, it’s an attraction marketing system that helps network marketers (and traditional business owners) get leads for their business. It also shows you how to brand yourself online.

I’m writing this blog not to pitch the system, but to impress upon you guys just how important I believe My Lead System Pro is if you’re going to do internet marketing.

You are losing massive amounts of time, and money, if you are doing internet marketing and NOT involved with my lead system pro….

Ray and I are very, very particular about what we promote considering all of the distractions out there these days! Every time you turn around, someone’s pitching a new product, a new service, a new launch, a new way to get 50 leads a day without picking up the phone, a new easy button, etc. If we remove all of the clutter and just focus on what’s REALLY important in your internet/network marketing career, you’ll see why we love my lead system pro and why we believe it’s so important.

The Big Deal About My Lead System Pro: (MLSP)

1. Community inside My Lead System Pro

There are thousands of “systems” that claim they can make the internet easy and get you tons of leads. Some of them work, but most of them don’t have this huge aspect that separates my lead system pro from everything else, and that’s community. Most network marketers that you see that also use the internet, came from, in some way or another, MLSP. The community of different networkers, trainers and speakers inside MLSP can give you massive exposure!

In fact, one of the highlights of our career was when MLSP promoted a facebook training that I did in their back office, and a prospecting training that ray did! After these two things came out leads and exposure went crazy. If you start to see success within my lead system pro and have great content, there’s no reason why you can’t have the same exact success that we have.

They also have an annual event called Live the Dream where you get to meet and network with top marketers, and create relationships that can help you seriously build your business.

2. Additional Streams of Income

If you’re prospecting on a daily basis for your network marketing company, and you don’t have my lead system pro, you’re losing money! When I do my facebook prospecting for example, there are plenty of people that tell me no to my primary opportunity (I’m sure that’s only me that happens to ;)). When they aren’t ready to join my business, I ask them how they’re doing generating leads online, and send them to my MLSP funnel. 

A large percentage of those prospects find out that my lead system pro is exactly what they’re looking for with their own business and want to join the system, therefore making you an additional side income and creating a relationship with another network marketer that may eventually join your business :).

3. Time and Money Saver

You are literally wasting time and money without my lead system pro. Inside the system, there are campaigns, websites and capture pages all set up for you so you don’t need to hire out. Also, you are shaving months if not years off of your learning curve! There are a bunch of leaders in video tutorials showing you step by step how they became successful online in the back office of my lead system pro. They do all of the heavy lifting and learning for you, while you just sit back and learn directly.

For a system like this, we couldn’t find anything for less than $349 and it wasn’t as well established as MLSP. My lead system pro is only $9 to try and then $50 a month after that, (which you make back in commissions in no time).

DISCLAIMER: If you do not manage your time properly and don’t want to call your leads, you’re wasting your time with online marketing!

Once you start getting leads, please call them! Network Marketing is still a relationship business and people still want to hear from you, even if they’re coming to you through an online funnel.

If you’re serious about your business and want to learn more about MLSP, go HERE and for tips on 10 ways to get 50 leads a day, click HERE.

To Your Success!

Jessica Higdon


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P.S – If your upline does not have a step-by-step blueprint for success, check this out (Unless you already have too many leads) – click here for instant access!

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