Why is Everyone Going SOO Crazy Over Numis Network??

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In the past few years I’ve had a lot of friends ask me, “Jess… What are some good work from home business ideas that won’t scare away all of my friends or make me feel uncomfortable talking to people?”

Before about a year ago, I really didn’t have a good answer for them except to tell them that if you work hard and approach it right you can make anything work! Even if they’ve heard it a thousand times before! NOT the answer they were looking for but nevertheless a motto I certainly live by,

Most companies that I dealt with had been done thousands of times before and really DID scare away some people when you went to talk to them about it.

What Everyone Knows About MLM:

Everyone KNOWS:

1. WHEN YOU’RE AT THE TOP, IT’S EASIER TO PROMOTE! (wouldn’t you rather look down at thousands/millions rather than up??)



Imagine Being the First Few Reps In Amway, Herbalife, Excel Telecom?

All of the companies mentioned above were category creators, each did EXTREMELY well and each went on to have millions of reps – If someone told you that you could rewind time and be one of the first few reps in Amway, how excited would you be?!

IMAGINE having whole cities, whole states, whole countries all to yourself to promote your business and break through as a leader because NO ONE had heard of the company yet??

What if you had a product that everybody loved, everyone always wanted more of and you never had too much of it??

Numis Network is the FIRST company to do an ASSET (Gold and Silver graded coins) and has LESS than 11,000 reps in the ENTIRE company!

I mentioned before that I didn’t have a good answer for those friends that asked me what a good work from home business idea was, but now that I’ve found Numis, became a top earner and learned the ins and outs of the company, I tell them that this is a NO Brainer!!

For those of you that always research EVERYTHING before you get involved, please do because I promise you there is not another opportunity out there today like this one, and believe me (I’ve tried a couple ;))

This is one of the first companies where I’ve really felt like it embraces the internet and we can LEAD with the product!

Gold and Silver is RED HOT, NO ONE is offended by it or has too much of it!

For a limited Time Numis is doing a huge promotion, If interested click on the link below to see what’s going on, yesterday alone we brought in 30 people on the team from this promotion, you DON’T want to miss it….

On top of everything the pay plan is the best I’ve seen in my years as a networker, but DON’T take my word for it!

Click on the link below and see for yourself:

Numis Promotion

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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