Why most MLM’s won’t make you rich…

So I’ve been talking to A TON of people on social media that are struggling to make their business work!! I’ve tried a ton of MLM’s before I found the one that made me a top earner so I wanted to share with you all what helped me make my decision:

WHAT I HEAR MOST OF THE TIME (if you do one or more of these things then you definitely need to read this blog):

1. “Jess, this is the greatest newest berry that is from the jungle and has the BEST pay plan ever!!!”

2. “This one’s different…. you should check it out”

3. “The pay plan is killer, if you sign up someone for $30 you make $200!!” RED FLAG

4. (This is my favorite) — “If you sign up for FREE you’ll have thousands of people placed under you and it’s FREE!!!”


Entrepreneurs look for a few key things and ask themselves the right questions that allows them to develop successful businesses.

– Is it the right time?

– Has it been done before?

– Is there a demand?

– What competitive advantage do I have?

– Who are my competitors?

Let’s address #1 & #2 –> I’ve talked to so many people that are in the latest greatest health and wellness or technology mlm… All of those products are excellent. I have a TON of juices and pills and lotions in my pantry that I absolutely LOVE! BUT… what about the entrepreneurial mindset?

Has health and wellness been done before? of course! Is it the right time? Most people would argue no because in bad economies high end items like juice and pills are the first to go. Is there competition? There are about 4,000 other Health and Wellness companies. Is there a competitive advantage? Maybe, but it has to be BIG to distinguish yourself from all of the rest. This is why some MLM’s in this category are extremely hard right now for people to build. All network marketing companies can be built if you work hard, but sometimes it’s better to work smart, not hard.

What about #3?

If a company is paying out more than it takes in it can seem like a great thing, IF you think about immediate gains. Network marketing is NOT about capital gains, it’s about cash flow. Don’t you want to build a long term relationship with your team so you never go broke??

Many of these companies seem like the greatest thing since sliced bread, but in reality in a few years they will be shut down because they paid out to much.

What do you care?? — WELL all of your team will be pissed off at you number one for bringing them into a bad company, and secondly you just lost your residual income… BUMMER!

How about #4:

I have to be honest with you guys and please don’t hate me, NOTHING for free out there will make you rich. A lot of these companies trick you into thinking if you sign up for free you’ll be a millionaire, that’s just not the case. Every business has a start up fee, whether it’s franchising, small business or network marketing!

A lot of times they allow you to sign up for free and then hit you with a million different fees later after they’ve put a lot of people under you. Sometimes it’s thousands of dollars or you lose your downline!


The reason is because most people don’t think like entrepreneurs. If you’re currently in a company, ask yourself the five entrepreneurial questions to understand why it may be harder for you to build then the people that got in at the beginning. Is your product unique? Are you looking up or down at thousands of people? Is the timing right (economy, market, etc.)?

Ask yourself these questions and make sure you have a strong plan to build. Find a company that works for you and understand your plan of attack! 🙂

To your success!

Jessica Perretti

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