Why YOUR business is like the Unabomber!

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So we’re back from Numis University and it was AWESOME!!! I learned so many great things and am so happy to share it with all of you, HOWEVER:

I want to make one extremely important point before I talk about this past weekend:

I could never convey to you what you COULD have learned by being there yourself!

If you were at Numis University last weekend, I really commend you for it, if you are planning to go soon or in November, then you’ll absolutely love it! Please understand, (as I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs) the importance of going to events as it shows you are serious about your business and really establishes you as a great leader :).

In the video below I talk about what I got out of Numis University and hope you will share this video with your team members, It was one of the BEST events I’ve ever been to!

Watch the video below for a Numis University overview on how you and your business are like the unabomber!…

To Your Success!

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