Women Helping Women GET RESULTS! – Why your sex is an advantage

I want to take today to give a big shout out to all of the women that attended the women’s only entrepreneurship webinar that Layla Staats, Mia Davies and Amy Jo Neal put on. It was PACKED so thank you ladies for joining!

I was honored to be a panelist on the webinar and talked about phone posture and how important it is to be confident and courageous when calling your prospects. I gave some great tips on how I call my prospects and what step by step actions I take to close them.

Mia talked about video and how it is important to focus on being yourself, practice with your videos (they DON’T have to be perfect), and do a “call to action” at the end and tell people where they need to go and what they need to do. This works very well if you’d like people to comment on your blog/articles or whatever.

Amy talked about how she’s a mom with two kids and has a FULL TIME JOB yet still manages to brand herself online and do a ton of internet marketing and make big bucks in her home business!

This was one of the best webinars I’ve ever spoke on AND attended! The content was absolutely phenomenal and the recording of it will be available to you all shortly. As soon as it is I will post it on my blog :).

We will be doing these webinars every Thursday night at 10 PM eastern. LADIES DON’T miss out! There is such good content for FREE you’d be crazy to not listen in on the next one.



SO, now that I’ve given you a brief update I want to express to you why women actually have the ADVANTAGE over men in the internet marketing and network marketing industry.

There is hardly any competition for women online! HARDLY any women are really fully putting themselves out there and using attraction marketing to bring people into their primary business.

Think about it ladies, how many men do you see daily doing videos and marketing the CRAP out of themselves?? A LOT! How many women do you see? NOT MANY.

The sooner you all start doing videos and marketing yourself online, the more “before the rave” you’ll be in that not a lot of women have NOT capitalized on the internet marketing trend.

IF you follow my training and these webinars, you will have perfect timing to build your brand online BEFORE everyone else does and become the best at your field.

My call to action ladies is to challenge you to start getting out of your comfort zone and really push yourself to be branded online. If you’ve been putting it off don’t wait! You DON’T want to start marketing yourself when all the other women are already there, you want them all to have to catch up to you!

Watch the recording of the webinar as soon as it’s available (I’ll let you guys know) and attend this Thursdays webinar. They’ve got some AWESOME women speakers lined up and you don’t want to miss the bar again. This week I want you all to create your first video, if you haven’t already, reacting to the webinar (or this blog) and tell your story. Create your blog if you haven’t already, call all your leads if you haven’t already! Do as much as you can this week to prepare you for the awesome wave of women entrepreneurs to come in the near future!

Below is a link on how to get online leads that would greatly help in facilitating this process. You can also opt in at the top of this page and get some free emails from me on online marketing.

To your success,

Jessica Perretti

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