You Might Not Have What it Takes to Build a Huge Network Marketing Business

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After a bunch of calls today I wanted to really hammer home some ideas about your network marketing business that I dont think people understand. I want to let it all out with this post. I really feel as if people, especially in our industry, have false expectations and therefore are struggling to make things work.

I want all of the hype, beach ball throwing and false expectations to be abolished once and for all, so today, I’m telling you like it is. No hype, no sugar coating, just the raw truth!

You must read this post to the very end or else you will not get the entirety of this blog post today. If you promise you’ll read all of this, you can move on further…

The Network Marketing Business Is NOT Easy!

But it’s simple. It is simple steps that get you to the higher levels in companies and simple steps that make you six and seven figures. It’s not easy, but it’s simple! Yet still many people refuse to do the simple steps. Here is a guaranteed plan to get you to the next level, that most people won’t follow:

Network Marketing Business Steps to Success:

1. Enroll

2. Commit

3. Host a “Grand Opening” Meeting at your house, OR contact your warm market –> just do it, it’s not that difficult if you say the right things and don’t burn anyone out.

4. Make your list

5. Make a new warm market (online, offline) and contact 5-10 new people per day

6. show 2-3 business presentations minimum per day.

7. Get your people to repeat these steps, and get your people to events.

That is a guaranteed Success formula, however most people won’t do it out of fear and “hard work.”

We are taught as employees to be told what to do and never take the initiative. If we take the initiative in corporate America we might get in trouble. In the network marketing business, you MUST take the initiative and be your own business owner or you won’t get very far. Ask yourself, are you the type of person that YOU would join? If not, it probably means you’re lacking these things:

1. Confidence

2. Self Starter

3. Hard worker

4. Consistency

Etc. These are the qualities of top leaders in the field.

The Beginning Sucks!

When you first start a network marketing business, it’s highly likely that you will be grossly underpaid and overworked. That is the serious truth. For the amount of hours you put in, you will NOT make what you deserve. It’s not very hard to make your money back and then some to put into profit, but you will not be at 6 figures in a few months, and whoever tells you that is lying.

Because most network marketers don’t tell you this, many come into the business with false expectations, lose belief and then quit.

People DON’T fail in a network marketing business, they QUIT!

Read that again, and again, and again. You will not be rich in your first few months. You will probably get frustrated and want to quit at least once a month in your first year, but if you do stick with it and are serious…..

That’s when the magic happens!

Here is the timeline it will take you to make a ton of money in network marketing from a 7 figure earner in the industry:

YEAR 1 –> You will be highly overworked, underpaid and feel frustrated. (not to say you won’t make a profit, you probably will, but it most likely will not be what you thought unless you get lucky).

YEAR 2 –> Things start to get better, and you start to make a decent income and not have to work as hard.

YEAR 3 –> You feel guilty! You feel guilty because you are making so much money for so little work it’s ridiculous! You are rolling in the dough, and can step back and feel accomplished from this amazing residual income empire that you’ve built.
There is no shortcut to the shortcut. What I mean by that is a network marketing business IS the shortcut! It’s easy for people to quit because it’s so low risk and they haven’t invested their true soul into the business.

What other industry can you own your own business for a few hundred dollars, and within 3 years be making a ton of residual income with little to no overhead? What other industry can you step back for a while, travel wherever you’d like and still have checks coming in off of other people’s efforts? What other industry do you meet the amazing people, and get the amazing training and leadership that you get with a network marketing business?

Robert Kiyosaki says that EVERYONE should join a network marketing company, not just for the income but also for the experience. Network marketing teaches you what it really means to be an entrepreneur and own your own business.

We have to step out of our conditioned employee mentality and start taking on the responsibility of being an entrepreneur. Only then will you succeed.

My Message:

My message today is this….

If I can do it, so can you, you just have to believe in yourself and use the skills you were taught. Stay consistent and keep moving forward. The only way you will fail in this business is if you quit.

In one of my earlier blogs I wrote about a man called “Jimmy the Butcher.” Jimmy was a butcher for 40 years of his life and wanted out. He was older, broke, and had virtually no time to build a business but he wanted more.

He joined a network marketing business and decided to go full force. He failed for years and years and years, but he believed in this industry so much that he kept going. Even at his Bankruptcy hearing, he handed the judge a corporate presentation CD from his company and told him to listen to it! That’s how much he believed in this business!

Jimmy did what it took day in and day out to make it work regardless of past failure. After years of struggle, Jimmy is 82 years old, the top income earner in his company and making over $400,000 per month! That’s more per month then he made in his entire career as a butcher!

Would you struggle for a few years to make $400,000 per month? I think you’d struggle for 20 years if you could make that type of money! That is what’s possible with this business, but please make sure you understand what it really takes.

Do the simple steps day in and day out with NO excuses! You don’t want to live your life in regret. My goal is to help 5 people reach $1,000,000 in the next 6 years, and I truly believe I can do it. If you understand what I’ve shared today and have the desire, you can definitely get there.

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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