You’ll Wish You Had Heard This LONG Ago…

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Last night I was sitting in bed reading a book thinking to myself, what is something that everyone wants to know that I’ve learned on my journey? I thought, what have I known that had I not been through what I’ve been through I would have never come across and WISHED that I had…

The Power of the “Take Away…” 

Many of us go through our business making our prospecting calls, talking with our friends and family about our business and most ALWAYS leaving it up to them to decide whether or not they should join us in our business venture!!

What would happen if it WASN’T up to them, it was up to US??

What I’ve learned that will BIG TIME affect how successful you are is how to deal with different types of people and how to turn the tables on them to where you’re no longer the one in the weaker position!

Although practice makes perfect, we should still spend some time studying people and their behaviors because let’s face it, PEOPLE are our product, plain and simple…

What Do People Do?

They TEST us constantly! I’ve said many times before that when someone’s looking for great work from home business ideas, they’re skeptical and will constantly test our confidence to see whether they want to join us or NOT.

The take away is a phenomenal way tool to use when prospecting and will make it YOUR decision to let them in your business and not the other way around…


E.G #1 – I had a guy the other day that was testing me REALLY badly, he was asking me why he should join MY team and what makes ME the sponsor for HIM! He then went on to tell me how big shot he was and how he really didn’t need networking but he would give it a shot if it made sense for him, What did I say to him??

I said exactly this, “Look, to be honest with you, I don’t think this is for you, you have to be confident in the industry to make it work and trust me, it works, but it’s up to you to make it happen, If you don’t think you “need” networking then you don’t, good luck with whatever you do I sincerely wish you the best!”

Sound Harsh?? GUESS WHAT?? He signed up the next day and did I call HIM? NOOO he called ME! He called me and ASKED me if he would be right for this industry, he was asking MY approval! I then was very honest with him and told him what he’d have to do to succeed and if he was willing to do that then he could absolutely build a business, so he joined…

E.G #2: I know a guy that is very well known in the industry and was at a meeting for his company. A guy in his downline, John, SO excited about his prospect that came to the meeting ran up to him and said:

“This guy wants to go home and THINK about this opportunity!! Crazy huh?? What do you have to say about that??”

So John’s upline looked at the prospect and said to him, “Ya absolutely, go home do your research and think about it because this certainly may not be for you, if it is something you like then it does benefit you to get in sooner rather than later as we are a fast growing team, but if it’s something you’re still poking around at then please, go home and do your research because we want committed and dedicated team members…” AND THEN HE WALKED AWAY!!

John was so upset, he swore he would NEVER bring his upline another prospect AGAIN! He couldn’t believe what he just heard! And then the guy just WALKS AWAY?? What is going on?!?

10 minutes later John’s prospect comes over with a fully filled out application to join his business and said “I’m ready to join, I am definitely dedicated…”

John’s prospect was justifying to John his reasoning for joining his business! Now of course you never want to be rude with people, but there’s a way to be firm and state your position without making people mad or upset.

These are just two examples, but I have many many more where people were trying to test my strength and so I pushed their objections right back on them.

Build the relationship with the person and let them understand that you ARE a strong leader and act as if you don’t “need” their business but you’d love to have it if there’s a fit there.

Send me an email with your conversations and if you have any questions about how to deal with your prospects, I’d love to help!

To Your Success!

Jessica Perretti


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